XServerChat (pronounced Cross Server Chat) is a plugin that links the chat of multiple servers together. It makes it so when someone chats on one server, all other servers connected to you through the xServerChat plugin will receive the messages too.


Place the xServer.jar in the plugin folder of all the server that want to connect. Start the servers and the default config will be created. Now you can begin setting up. One server is the host and the others are clients. For the host server follow the below steps, otherwise continue down tho the client setup

  1. set 'host' to 'true'
  2. set 'ip' to 'localhost'
  3. set the 'port' to a open port on your server. this will be where the other server connect to you
  4. change the 'prefix' and 'serverName' to your liking
Other Servers
  1. set 'host' to 'false'
  2. set 'ip' to the ip of the host server
  3. set the 'port' to the port of the host server
  4. change the 'prefix' and 'serverName' to your liking

after setting up the config, reload or restart and you should be able to start chatting cross server!


you can use '/xserver' or '/x'

  • '/x list' - List all the servers that are connected
  • '/x dc' - Disconnect (/x disconnect)
  • '/x rc' - reconnect or reload the connection (/x reload)
  • '/x host dc' - Stop the server (host only) (/x server disconnect, /x server dc, /x host disconnect)
  • '/x host rc' - reload the server (host only) (/x server reload, /x server rc, /x host reload)
  • '/x v' - get Version info (/x version)


Beta 0.1.12

  • Fixed config problem

Beta 0.1.11

  • fixed a bug where if you reloaded twice it would crash with some nasty console and log spam
  • +stared working on custom formatting

Beta 0.1.10

  • Added messages on Death, Join and Quit
  • added version command
  • Fixed Bugs

Beta 0.1.1

  • Fixed bugs
  • added command

Version 0.1

  • Initial release


  • List players on other servers
  • permissions
  • add option to disable formating


To download the latest version, click Here


Since I don't have time to update this plugin right now, i have decided to release the source. I'm not sure how up to date this src is and i ant access the computer with the full src on it right now, but this should be the latest.



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