This plugin allows admin's to check if a player is over a certain amount of items(amount specified in the config). If they are they will be put onto a list. To allow admins or the select few admins want to allow to be hidden from such logs they simply on have to type a command. The best part of this plugin is that you can never have too few arguments*. If you don't have enough arguments for a checking command you will only check yourself.

Git Repo Will clean-up and update soon.

Planned Additions

i'm going to work on messages for warning when they get close to the amounts. Also will add transaction messages.

Commands and Permissions

/logs.check: Checks to see if you or the player your checking has had suspicious amounts of gold or diamond.

/logs.clear: Clears the logs.

/me.hide or player.hide: Hides you or the player from logging

/me.remove or player.hide: Removes you or the player from the logs

/logs.look: Gives you an entire list of the logs

/logs.hidden: Gives you a list of all hidden players

/config.reload: Reloads config from disk

/config.purge: Resets the config to defaults values, with a restart this will also clear the logs.

xl.check: Allows you to check other players -default: op

xl.admin: Gives you a lot of head way. Essentially gives you permissions to everything * -default: op

xl.hide: Hides this player from the logs -default: op

xl.check-self: Allows you to check yourself. -default: true


v1.6: Added an autoupdater. All you have to do is enable it in two configs

v1.5.2: Updated to 1.6.4 (still works with 1.6.2). Improved handling with vault.

v1.4.2: Added config.purge. Improved config maintenance.

v1.4.1: Fixed config issues. Improved performance.

v1.4: Updated to 1.6, uploaded to github, added fining.

v1.3.2: Added support for Lapis and updated to 1.5.1

v1.2.1: Added banning. This is configurable by yes or no in the config.yml.

v1.1.2: Fixes with the config pointed out by andypandy89. Other fixes with offline players and such. If you find anymore bugs or you think it is borked please email me.

v1.0.1: First version out by me. The other author had a much simpler version of this. (old author: FlatCrafter)

-Versioning convention: (major change).(minor revision).(build #)

  • Note that when in console you must have the right count of arguments

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