Configuration/permissions and commands


Checks a player on the default world:
/xcheck <playername>

Checks a player on another world:
/xcheck <Player Name> world:<World Name>

Checks a player for a specific ore:
/xcheck <Player Name> ore:<Ore ID Number>
Don't know the ID's? Check this out:

Checks all players for diamond and a maxrate of 3 percent:
/xcheck all ore:56 maxrate:3

Checks all players for gold, a maxrate of 10 percent and on the world "farm":
/xcheck all ore:14 maxrate:10 world:farm

Clear a players Xray stats:
/xcheck clear <Player Name>
This only clears them from single checks, not from global checks such as /xcheck all - I may fix this soon.

Simple, isn't it?

All parameters:
player: Name of the player to check
world: Name of the world to check
ore: ID ("Data value") of the ore
maxrate: Players with farmrates above the maxrate will be listed
banned: Only if set to "banned:true" it shows all already banned players, else hide them (default)

- xcheck.receive
- xcheck.bypasscheck If a user has this permission, they will not be checked by XrayInformer when they log in.

These players (owners, administrators?) will be notified when a potential cheater joins the server.