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Conveniently store experience in multiple ways! This plugin includes a stable and simple to use Bank that just makes sense. Not only that, but you can now store your Experience in bottles. Store your XP in a more traditional fashion by filling up chests with bottles filled to the brim with good old EXP. Either system can be disabled, so your not forced to use an XP Bank, and your not forced to use the Bottling system, but both work great together.



Version 1.3.1

  • Added permissions,
  • Added colors to signs
  • Added a debug command

Version 1.3.0

Main objective with for this release is to get everything working on the current builds of Bukkit


download xpinthe.jar. Add xpinthe.jar to your server plugins directory. Restart server.

Using XP in the Jar

XP Storage Block and Withdrawing XP

First, you need a storage block. The storage block is a Diamond Block. Craft together a diamond block, and place it in the world. Once placing the diamond block, any funds held within it can be withdrawn by interacting with the diamond block.

XP Deposit Block and Depositing XP

To deposit your xp into the storage block, you need a deposit block. This is simply a Cauldron. Place a cauldron so that it is directly connected to the Storage Block ( a.k.a. the Diamond Block). Once this task is complete, you can deposit Exp into the XP Bank by interacting with cauldron, which i will from now on call the Deposit Block. Interacting with the Deposit Block. Bottles of Exp can be dumped into the deposit box as well, emptying the bottle and storing the goods away.

Display Stored XP (Optional)

If you want to display the amount of xp in the storage block, you can optionally place a sign directly adjacent to, or on to, the XP Storage Block.

Bottling XP

Bottle Exp by having a Glass Bottle in your hand while picking up XP orbs. The exp will go into the bottle. The number of Exp collected in a bottle is written in the borrle lore. Bottled Exp can be absorbed by the player by drinking the Exp bottle. The bottle will be emptied and awarded to the holding player. Likewise, the bottles can be dumped into a Bank Deposit block.


Bottle preview

Bank preview

Optional Dependencies

Optionally you can also install the ProtocolLib plugin. Having this plugin on your server will enable extra effects. For example: Players arms will animate when bottling experience orbs.


enableSpouttrueSet this to false if you want to disable spout usage even if spout is present on the server.
enableProtocolLibtrueSet this to false if you want to disable ProtocolLib usage even if ProtocolLib is present on the server.
enableExpBanktrueCan set this to false to disable the XP banking system.
enableXPBottlestrueCan set this to false to disable to XP Bottling System.
bottleRequireCrouchtrueIf set to true, XP can only be bottle while a player has a bottle in hand and is also crouching (sneaking) while picking up xp orbs. False will bottle xp orbs regardless of sneaking
consumeBottleOnDepositfalseIf set to true, the glass bottle containing xp will be consumed when depositing the exp into a bank block.
consumeBottleOnUsefalseIf set to true, the glass bottle containing xp will be consumed when drinking the xp from the bottle.

Permissions (available in 1.3.1)

xpjar.bank.deposittrueAllows a player to deposit XP
xpjar.bank.withdrawtrueAllows a player to withdraw XP
xpjar.bank.destroytrueAllows a player to destroy a bank
xpjar.bank.depositeBottletrueAllows a player to deposit XP into a bank from a bottle
xpjar.bottle.collecttrueAllows a player to gather XP into a bottle
xpjar.bottle.usetrueAllows a player to absorb the XP in a bottle
xpjar.command.debugopAllows a player to toggle debug mode

The Future

  • Localization
  • Possibility to make xp banks private
  • Maximum limits to blocks/bottles.
  • Custom recipes and blocks for spout/spoutcraft users
  • You tell me.


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