This plugin is no longer maintained. Support is no longer provided and updates will not be issued. If you would like to take over the project, please contact me.


xMail is a Bukkit plugin used to send messages and items to players on other servers, or locally. With a few simple commands you can send a message to your friend to join you on your server, or you can call over an admin to help with a server emergency.

xMail doesn't stop there, of course. xMail also allows you to send and recieve mail ONLINE at xmail.turt2live.com, allowing you to always know what's going on. xMail also offers you the ability to mass-send mail, and send mail to the consoles of servers if needed.

xMail is incredibly light weight as everything is handled on the xMail servers, all you have to do is drag and drop and you're good to go.

Cool features xMail supports

  • You can send mail to the console of any server, including the one you are on. To do so, send mail to 'CONSOLE@<server IP>'. If you want to send mail to the current server you are on, simply send mail to "console".
  • You only need to login once to be logged in on any xMail server you visit.
  • xMail supports the client mod SimpleNotice
  • xMail allows sending of items and (soon) money.
  • xMail can be used on a cloud server without ever needing to visit the xMail server. This means you can create your own xMail server and tell xMail to connect to it rather than the world-wide server
  • xMail has an API for other plugins to use. Hello developers! If you want to hook into xMail, look at the downloads page
  • MAILBOXES Yes, you can send "snail mail" to people with books. Just don't put your diamonds in the box...


For errors and/or bugs, please use the ticket system. Reports will be ignored (and likely removed) if left in the comments below. If you have a "critical" bug (like a duplication glitch) that you do not want posted publicly, please use the contact form found here.

"What are the comments for?" - The comments are for suggesting features, asking quick things (like permission nodes, commands, etc) and are NOT for posting bugs. Feedback is also appreciated in the comments.


Permissions and Commands


  • xMail.send = Allows sending of mail
  • xMail.sendchest = Allows sending of chests
  • xMail.build = Allows players to use /xmail build
  • xMail.creative = Allows creative mode protection bypass
  • xMail.mailbox = Allows mailbox use
  • xMail.anymailbox = Allows the use of any mailbox (not for peeking though)
  • xMail.inbox = Allows reading of mail
  • xMail.login = Allows login/registration functions
  • xMail.masssend = Allows /xmail masssend
  • xMail.reload = Allows /xmail reload
  • xMail.warn = Allows the player to get notifications of large mail
  • xMail.sendlarge = Allows the player to bypass the large mail restrictions


  • /xmail help [page #] = Help command
  • /xmail build = Create a new mail message using steps
  • /xmail inbox <page> = View inbox
  • /xmail sent <page> = View sent mail
  • /xmail readmail <page> = View read mail
  • /xmail read <id> [folder] = Read a message from folder, folder is optional and defaults to inbox
  • /xmail readall = Mark all mail as read, fetching all attachments
  • /xmail send <to> <message> = Send a message
  • /xmail sendchest <to> <message> = Send the targeted chest's contents to someone
  • /xmail reply <message> = Reply to your last read message
  • /xmail register <password> = Register for an xMail account, your password is hashed before use
  • /xmail login <password> = Login to your xMail account, your password is hashed before use
  • /xmail logout = Logout of your xMail account
  • /xmail masssend <message> = Send a message to all known xMail accounts on the local server
  • /xmail reload = Reload the plugin
  • /xmail status = Get information about you
  • /xmail simplenotice = If SimpleNotice is installed, you can toggle whether or not xMail will use it for you only
  • /xmail version = Get the xMail version


xMail is an OPEN SOURCE project, plugin side. The plugin source is located on GitHub. If you would like the server source (or downloads), please visit the xMail downloads page.

Custom Servers

xMail allows you to run your own server rather than use the turt2live "main" server. If you would like to do this, make the choice of the xMail PHP server, or the xMail Java Server. If you have issues setting the servers up, please contact turt2live. Instructions, and downloads, are available on the xMail download page.

IRC Support

xMail does have an irc bot hanging out on EsperNet (#turt2live) for you to check and send basic mail. Want to run an xMail IRC bot on your own server? Check the xMail downloads page.

Need an IRC client/don't know how to connect? Use this simple client. (Provided by EsperNet)

Large Mail Blocker

Because xMail is cross-server, in versions 1.4.0+ there is a system in place to help with economy and player transfers. If configured, xMail will disallow (by default) any "large mail" messages. With the defaults, a "large mail message" is one with 257 items, $501, or 8+ diamond blocks. If any of the conditions specified are matched, the plugin can either deny, warn, or do nothing with the mail message.

By default xMail will only WARN and not deny. You will have to specify xMail to deny messages as needed. Check out the 'large-mail-rules.yml' file for more information.

Feedback and Suggestions

If you have anything you'd like me to know about, please let me know!

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