What it is

When I was looking through the pluginsI didn't find any that just let you enchant items normally

This plugin lets you enchant any item to as high of a level as minecraft allows through simple commands with no in game experience needed.

As of v.0.3 you can enchant ANY item with any enchantment


  • All of these must start with /Enchanter
  1. Help - shows the list of commands
  2. Enchantments - shows a list of all the enchantments available
  3. Enchant [Enchantment] [Level] - enchants your help item with the chosen enchantment of the chosen level
  4. EnchantAll [Level] - enchants your held item with all available enchantments of the chosen level
  5. Remove [Enchantment] - removes the chosen enchantment from your held item
  6. RemoveAll - removes all enchantments from your held item


  1. Enchanter.* - gives all permissions for Enchanter
  2. Enchanter.EnchantAll
  3. Enchanter.ArrowDamage
  4. Enchanter.ArrowFire
  5. Enchanter.ArrowInfinate
  6. Enchanter.ArrowKnockBack
  7. Enchanter.DamageAll
  8. Enchanter.DamageArthropods
  9. Enchanter.DamageUndead
  10. Enchanter.DigSpeed
  11. Enchanter.Durability
  12. Enchanter.FireAspect
  13. Enchanter.KnockBack
  14. Enchanter.LootBonusBlocks
  15. Enchanter.LootBonusMobs
  16. Enchanter.Oxygen
  17. Enchanter.ProtectionEnvironmental
  18. Enchanter.ProtectionExplosions
  19. Enchanter.ProtectionFall
  20. Enchanter.ProtectionFire
  21. Enchanter.ProtectionProjectile
  22. Enchanter.SilkTouch
  23. Enchanter.Thorns


  • MaxEnchantmentLevel - Set the maximum level for enchanting an item

To Do

  • Anyone have any suggestions?

Known Bugs

If you put an enchantment on an item then take them off it will still have the purple glow on it along with a light blue name and will not stack with other normal items

  • If anyone finds any please create a ticket for it


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