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Already more than 18k downloads !! Thank you !

What is xChest ?

xChest provides to your players a virtual chest, in wich you can store evrything even your xps, it could be extended by buying more slots, you can use it like a real chest, and you can bring it into other worlds !


  • Provides a virtual chest and visual chest
  • XP Storage
  • Managing commands
  • Custom Drop Features
  • Economy Support ( needs Vault )
  • MultiWorld Support
  • Buy more slots
  • Send items
  • Take items
  • Put items

/xc <help|?>Display xChest help
/xc <open|o> [slot]Display the content of your chest ( show you a real chest in wich you can manage your items if you type /xc open or display it in the chat if you only type /xc o) or only the content of the slot
/xc <buy|b> <amount of slots to buy>Buy more slots ( has to be a multiple of 9 ) for your chest
/xc <price|pr> <amount of slots to buy>Show you the cost to buy this amount of slots
/xc <put|p> [all|quantity to put]Store the item in your hand or all your items in your virtual chest
/xc <take|t> <all|item|slot> <item id|slot id> [quantity]Take the specified item or the item in the specified slot or all the items from your virtual chest
/xc <free|f>Show you the number of free slots in your chest
/xc <see|s> <playername>Show you the content of the chest of the player
/xc <send|sd> <playername> <slot|item> <id> [amount]Send the pecified item or the item in the specified slot to the player
/xc xp <store|s> [amount] Store the specified amount of xp or all your xp in your virtual chest
/xc xp <take|t> [amount]Take the specified amount of xp or all the xp from your virtual chest
/xc xpShow you the amount of xp stored in your virtual chest
/xc <manage|m> <playerName> <set|add|remove> <amount of slots>Change the amount of slots of the virtual chest of the player
/xc xp <playerName> <set|add|remove> <amount of xp>Change the amount of xp stored in the virtual chest of the player
/xc <manage|m> <playerName>Open the virtual chest of the specified player
/xc <clear|c> <playerName>Clear the virtual chest of the specified player


xchest.*Allow players to use completely xchest
xchest.useAllow players to use their virtual chest
xchest.buyAllow players to buy more slots for their chest
xchest.seeAllow players to see the content of the chest of other players
xchest.xpAllow players to store their xp into their virtual chest
xchest.limit.XLimit players with this permission to this X number of slot
xchest.manageAllow players to use managing commands ( the last four commands )
xchest.drop.rate.XEnable drop of the virtual chest with this X/100 drop rate ( override config file's drop rate and enablement )


This is the automatic generated config :

#Check if there is a new update for xChest
#Check if there is a new update and download it 
#If the chests file save is encrypted ( it's a fast reversed bytes encryption ), if you started false you must continue false same for true
#The delay in seconds beetween each auto save of the virtual chests
# /Needs Vault\ The cost of each slots
#The default slots of the players chest ( must be a multiple of 9 )
#The maximum of slots that players can have ( 0 for unlimited )
#If the content of the virtual chest is dropped on the player's death
#If it drops xp on death
#The luck ( in percent ) of the item to be dropped


  • MySQl integration
  • Please post suggestions


To @_Justyce_ for this plugin

To @jamcghie for his ideas


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