X-Ray Block Percentage

X-Ray Block Percentage Version: 1.9.2 Alpha


X-Ray Block Percentage, or XBP is a plugin that adds a command to automatically search logger plugin databases (currently supports Hawkeye, LogBlock, and CoreProtect, more plugins coming) for blocks that typical X-Ray hackers will attempt to mine and displays a percentage value of total blocks broken for each type of block.

Current Features

  • Displays percentages on any type of block defined in config file (defaults are Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Lapis Ore, Mossy Cobblestone, Emerald Ore, and Diamond Ore).
  • Displays total number of blocks broken and amounts of each ore broken.
  • Searches across time defined in config file (default is the previous 48 hours) starting from when the command is executed.
  • Searches across all worlds by default, can be configured to exclude worlds.
  • Displays a warning when a player breaks any type of block defined in config file (default is Diamond Ore) with parameters defined in config file (default is 1.5% and 8 blocks).
  • Modification and reloading of config file is available via command.
  • Searching is multithreaded to prevent server lag.


  • /xbp [playername] - Performs an XBP search.
  • /xbp reload - Reloads settings from config file.
  • /xbp config - See here for full usage.

Permissions Nodes

  • xbp.*: All permissions
  • xbp.xbp: Allows running /xbp [playername] command and viewing of update alerts.
  • xbp.warning: Allows viewing of XBP diamond alerts.
  • xbp.bypass: Allows for player bypassing of warning checking.
  • xbp.config: Allows for player to modify configs via command.

Upcoming Features

  • Support for other logging plugins:
    • HawkEye/HawkEye Reloaded - Released Version update in progress
    • LogBlock - Released Version update in progress
    • CoreProtect - Released Version update in progress
    • SWatchdog - In Progress
    • LogEx - Planned
    • Prism - Planned
  • Searching for players with top break percentages


  • Plugin managers such as GroupManager or PermissionsBukkit
  • Multiple worlds
  • Hawkeye v1.0.7b HawkEye Reloaded update in progress
  • LogBlock v1.58 Version update in progress
  • CoreProtect v1.54 Version update in progress

Default Config File

Special thanks goes to the TCNations server for providing a server with HawkEye to test on and to Vettexl for putting up with my shenanigans. Thanks a ton!



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