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WorldWideBank is a worldwide economy plugin.

Current Build; In development

Planned Features;
Server: For example; SERVER1 Jack brought 1 Diamond Transaction $-50 Total $450 | SERVER2 Welcome Jack, you've got $450 in your bank account!

Server: Any money you have made/lost will be automatically updated on all other servers running this plugin.

Server: The prices will automatically be set so it can't be abused, in getting infinite money,

Server: Swap inventories for Creative and Survival, reducing selling unlegit stuff.

Server/Website: Any unlegit transactions, account will be suspended (This will make the player unable to sell/buy until his account has been verified and appealed) and the player will have to appeal it at the website. Creating legit economy.

Server/Website: Money all goes to MySQL Database, any server you're on with this plugin you will have the same amount you last had on another server.

Server/Website: Will have a new currency, making it easy to understand what's going on.

Website: It will also have Website Economy graphs, player search features, and ways to transfer money across to different accounts.

Website: 'Rich List' will have a list of rich people, determining legit accounts.

Sign Format
[Required] <Required>
LINE 1: [WWBank]
LINE 3: Auto Set Buy Price
LINE 4: Auto Set Sell Price
http://enraged-gaming.co.uk/images/GLOBALBANKsign.png EXAMPLE IMAGE!


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