At the moment, I am not working on this plugin; it is entirely functional, however if anything is broken I probably won't be fixing it. If anyone are capable programmers themselves, they can fork the project on GitHub and make a merge request. I'll gladly confirm.


A plugin that allows you to edit NBT tags, using the new ItemMeta system. It also allows for colour coding using the & symbol.


Using the plugin is simple. You'll be editing the NBT tags of the item you're holding in your hand. Start off by writing /nbt help, which will output your options as to what you can edit. For example, if you want to edit a head, write /nbt head, which will then give further instructions as to use. Other examples include:

  • /nbt lore 1 &0Lorem &1ipsum &2dolor
    (for making lore line 1 multi-coloured)
  •  /nbt book author &kGibberish
    (converts the book's author to gibberish)
  •  /nbt enchant damage_all 20
    (for enchanting an item with sharpness 20. If you're holding an enchantment book, it'll add the enchantment to that instead.)

In some cases, writing help after the option will help you along the way. For example, writing /nbt potion help will list all available potion effects.


Permissions have been revamped as of the latest build (0.6), and now allow for more customisation. They default to op. To allow a player to edit all NBT tags, give them the permission wraithnbt.*.

The following is a list of all available NBT tags:

  • wraithnbt.lore
  • wraithnbt.name
  • wraithnbt.potion
  • wraithnbt.enchant
  • wraithnbt.colour
  • wraithnbt.book
  • wraithnbt.head


  • Add functionality for editing fireworks.
  • Make editing potions more intuitive.
  • Maps


  • Source - Use it for whatever you want, although credit would be appreciated. It's currently a mess, mind you, although a massive clean-up is (hopefully) on the way.


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