World Wrap is a multi-functional teleportation plugin. There are numerous scenarious in which you would want to use World Wrap in order to manage your server's land.

Bottom/Top syncing:

  • You can teleport a player who goes too far down up to the top of the map, and either choose to drop them from that height, creating the illusion of a "wrapped" world, or just set them on a block of glass in the sky.
  • The same goes with the top of the map, if a player climbs too high into the sky, they are sent down to the bottom of the map into a cavern.

Edge syncing:

  • Simulate a round world! You can specify a radius of the world, and then if a player walks too far from spawn, they are teleported to the other side of the virtual circle you have created.
  • World Wrap will always find the safest place for the player. Unlike other plugins that bury you underground, World Wrap finds a safe place for you on the surface of the land, and change your Y position to that when you are teleported.

More options than you can imagine:

  • Make mobs and animals also follow teleportation rules
  • Customize how far a user falls from
  • Customize how far a user is placed underground went sent to the bottom of the map
  • Keep the players coordinates when they are sent to a new world
  • Define your own limits to the map. Don't want players to dig down at all? Fine. Want to change the building limit from 127 to 100? Go for it.
  • Set your own radius for the map. Let players venture far out before being synced to the other side, or keep them close at hand.
  • Customize messages when a player is teleported.... orrr don't send them at all.
  • Multi-world support. Use edge syncing in one, top syncing in another, and then both top and bottom syncing in another. Or all three. It's all your choice :)
  • Change randomness of teleportation, this is useful if a player has fallen into a hole, you wouldn't want them to fall from the sky right back into it.
  • If you don't want a player to be sent to the top or bottom of the world, you can choose to send them to a specific set of coordinates, to the spawn, or even to another world. Want a player to be teleported into the nether when they jump through bedrock? Be sent to the sky world when they get to the top of the map? The choice is yours.
  • Still don't believe me? Check out configuration.

Dont understand the concept yet, or wish to have a visual demonstration? Check this video out! Watch WorldWrap Demo! (Slightly out of date)


Click here for configuration!!!


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