WorldTimer will smartly limit a players time in a world configured by you.


  • Configure each of your worlds independently
  • Configurable messages
  • Configurable location to teleport to on time limit expiration
  • Configurable time limit
  • Configurable cooldown
  • Supports Multiworlds
  • Timer stops when leaving the world, or logging out. When you return, you will have the same amount of time left in the world.


checkIfExpiredEvery: 5  #Time in seconds to do a check on players if they have an expired time. Be careful with a low time.

Worlds:  #You can list any of your worlds under here. Must use all options shown in the example.
  world:  #The world name to use the timer.
    timer: 900  #The time in seconds to let the player in the world for.
    continueCooldownOnLogout: true
    cooldown: 86400  #The time in seconds until a player can enter the world again. 0 to disable.
      world: my_spawn_world  #The world name of the location.
      x: 100.5
      y: 64
      z: 152 
    timerAddedMessage: '&aYou have 15 minutes to be in this world. You will be kicked out when this time is up.'
    returnMessage: '&aYou have $time minutes left in this world until you will be kicked out.'
    timerExpiredMessage: '&cYou have been kicked out of this world since your timer has expired.'
    onCooldownMessage: '&6You can not go to this world since you are on a cooldown. You have $cooldown minutes remaining.'


  • worldtimer.bypass - Bypass the plugin.
  • worldtimer.reload - Allows the use of the '/wt reload' command


  • /wt reload - Reload the configuration.




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