This plugin will allow server admins to have two worlds synced with each other. All block placements and breakages will also occur in the other world. The blocks will only drop on the world where they are broken to prevent abuse. At the moment shift doesn't require permission to use. Will be added in a later release.

description: Commands for WorldSync.
aliases: ws
usage: |
/worldsync create [world1] [world2] - Syncs two worlds listed if they exist.
/worldsync remove [num] - Removes the sync with that number.
/worldsync shift - Teleports the player to the corresponding location in the synced world.
/worldsync list - Lists synced worlds.
permission: worldsync.use
permission-message: You don't have permission to do that.

description: Allows a player to use WorldSync commands.
default: op

Currently Syncs:
- Blocks placed and destroyed by the player
- Blocks destroyed by an explosion.
- Water and lava placed and removed.
- Leaf decay
- Blocks destroyed by fire
- Block changed by entities
- Blocks melting i.e. snow and ice

Already in next update:
- Trees and large mushrooms growing.
- Ice and snow being created naturally and by Snow Golems.
- Grass, mycelium, and fire spread.

Known Bugs:
- When explosions are synced sand and gravel often won't fall if they should. (Fixed in next update)
- Beds half syncing.
- Shifting while in a boat doing weird things. (Fixed in next update)
- Cocoa pods not syncing.

Suggestions welcome


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