The main config file has 3 settings right now

  • chunkchance - The chance that the plugin will spawn a schematic when a new chunk is created. Default is 1, which spreads out the schematics in a way that doesnt make them to crowded. Anything over 10 might make things way to crowded
  • - debug - If true, displays extra debug info to the console
  • - showspawnedlocation - Dispolays the location in the console of any newly spawned structures

Schematic yml's

Each schematic in a world folder must be accompanied by a YML file with the same name as the schematic file.

Here is what a sample schematics yml file might look like here is a what a sample config might look like:

place: ground
maxspawns: 0
chance: 10
basementdepth: 0
anywhereminY: 50
anywheremaxY: 250
randomrotate: true
biome: PLAINS
pasteschematicair: true

Config Options

  • anywhereminY/anywheremaxY - the minimum and maximum height the structure can spawn at if "place" is set to "anywhere"
  • chance - When a chunk is loaded, it checks the chance of the chunk to generate something (by chunkchance in the Settings.yml). If it can, it runs through all the schematics and checks this number for each one. If multiple structures are chosen to generate on one chunk, it will randomly choose one of them to be generated. This means that this "chance" is relative and not an exact amount.
  • maxspawns - the maximum amount of times this .schematic can spawn . set to 0 or remove this entirely from the config if you don't want there to be a limit
  • basementdepth - if you have blocks that should be below-ground, this is the number of vertical blocks you want underground, so if I had a building of 30 blocks high, and I only wanted 10 to be above-ground, I would put '20' as the "basement".
  • biome - the name of the biome which you want this schematic to spawn in. A list of possible biomes can be found Here . Currently supports one biome at a time, however future versions will be able to have structures spawn in more than one biome
  • randomrotate - should this schematic randomly rotate? Default is true.
  • pasteschematicair - If true, will place air included with the schematic as well
  • place- can be set to any of these values:
  1. ground - the schematic will stick to the ground and not spawn over water
  2. anywhere - it can spawn anywhere within the .yml range of min and max
  3. air - it will only spawn in the air
  4. underground - it can only spawn underground\


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