WorldSchematics, A plugin Inspired by the now abandoned WorldFeatures plugin. Credit goes to dkramer for the original idea. Allows custom structures (.schematic files) to be spawned randomly when new chunks are created, similar to how villages, witch huts, pyramids, etc are generated. Allows you to make any world interesting by adding your own schematics and choosing the way they spawn. If you don't know how to create schematics, go ahead and take a look at the plugin Worldedit, which allows you to create .schematic files


You will need WorldEdit.jar in your plugins folder for this to work. You can get it at

How to use

*Step 1 - Get a .schematic file and put it in the appropriate folder

Worldschematics supports multiple worlds and is capable of spawning different .schematics in different worlds. When WorldSchematics first runs, it will create a folder inside the plkugins folder called Schematics. In here there are folders named after each world on your server. The plugin does not automatically create these folders for you (yet) except for the world folder, so you will have to create folders for each world on your server in the Schematics folder yourself

Place .schematic files which you want the plugin to spawn in /Worldschematics/Schematics/(folder named after world here)/

So for example, if I wanted a schematic to spawn in a world named "Super_Awesome_world", I would put schematics in the Super_Awesome_world folder, located in the Schematics folder (/Worldschematics/Schematics/Super_Awesome_world/ (remember to actually create the folder first!)

*step 2 - create a config file for the schematic Each Schematic also needs to be accompanied by a .yml file with the same name as the schematic file. The .yml files contains settings which determine where and how often the schematic will spawn

So for example, if I have a .schematic named my_awesome_creation.schematic, I would also create a .yml file called my_awesome_creation.yml and put it in the same folder as the .schematic

*Step 3 - Configure the .yml file

There are multiple options available which you may put in the .yml file which determines where the .schematic will spawn and how often it will spawn

for more info on these settings and how to configure the .yml file, see the Configuration page here

*step 4- generate new chunks Now go around and explore unexplored parts of your world to generate new chunks. Depending on the settings (and where you set your schematic to spawn), you should start to see your structures appear in the newly generated terrain


None yet.


Feel free to help out with development and submit pull requests and stuff


  • create folders for worlds automatically based on worlds on the server
  • add a reload command
  • clean up the plugin a bit
  • feel free to add suggestions!
  • Port to sponge, or whatever replaces bukkit

Donations greatly appreciated! Donate


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