WorldReset v2.0.1


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    Jul 7, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.1



  • Added choice (via config node) to choose between always resetting and resetting only when the '/resetworld' command is ran
  • Added random seed reset feature (rather than resetting to a stored backup, the reset simply loads a brand new world with a random seed)
  • Added config node to specify the worlds to regen with new seeds
  • Added option to automatically run a reset when all players leave the server, after a configurable player threshold (number of players on at a time) has been reached
  • Added a config node to specify the player count that needs to be reached in order to schedule a world reset
  • Removed logger class - logging calls are now managed via methods in the main class
  • Altered the method that kicks players when the server shuts down to remove dependency on Essentials
  • Repackaged classes
  • Removed Herobrine


  • Added a config handler class
  • Added support for multiple worlds
  • Worlds no longer need a specific name in order to be imported
  • World backups to import are now stored in '.../plugins/WorldReset/backups'
  • Added config node for resets (world only resets if the node is set to true)
  • Added '/resetworld' command (sets the aforementioned node to true and - if typed again - stops the server)
  • Repackaged everything


  • Added a checker so that the world deletion and import processes are not initialized unless there is a folder named 'world' in the WorldReset plugin directory.


  • This is the initial release, all Alpha testing was done privately prior to publication of the plugin.