Versions after 0.7.1 for 1.18+ and above require JAVA 17+!
This is not a WorldGuard. This plugin addon for a WorldGuard!
You don't know where you can get WG for new released versions?
So you just can check on EngineHub from original authors for dev-builds.
Do you speak multiple languages? If so, we always welcome contributions to our [Crowdin project]
If you have a idea for plugin, you can created issue on github
When reporting a bug:
  • Use the issue trackerDon't report bugs in the reviews and discussions. Please search for duplicates before reporting a new issue!
  • Provide as much information as possible. Provide your WorldGuardRegionProtect version and Spigot/Paper version.
  • Provide any stack traces or "errors" using pastebin.
Join us in the discord!
Opportunities of plugin
  • By entering the name of the region in the plugin config.yml, you will add protection by plugin. Nobody can interact with the region that is registered in config.yml. Even the operators are not able to do this!
  • This plugin is for extended protection of an existing region from WorldGuard. For example, possible damage region from the administration. Who has permission access from plugin WorldGuard, or from operators.
With plugin, you can do advanced protect your region
1. Nobody cannot break or place blocks in region.
2. It is possible to enable/disable the limitation of interaction with the transport.
3. Protecting frame, painting from any damage from arrows, trident, snowball, eggs, enderpearl and player.
4. Protect from any change in the frame (On 1.18 MC glow frame too).
5. Nobody cannot damage armor stand and taking or place armor from it.
6. Cannot use none of the buckets in region.
7. Creeper, Wither, Ghast, Primed TNT, cannot blowing up stuff in the region. Skeleton, Stray and Shulker bullet cannot destroy frame/glow frame and painting.
8. TNT, minecart with TNT, Respawn Anchor and ender crystal can't damage any blocks/frames in region.
9. Support for banned dangerous commands. Separate commands were added and tested used by FastAsyncWorldEdit\WorldEdit in the protected region.
10. Nobody cannot remove region or change flags in protected region. Just example using like:
- "/rg rem spawn",
- "/rg rem -f spawn",
- "/rg rem -f spawn -w  world",
- "/rg addowner spawn Steve" etc.
11. You can specify a special region inside the protected region in which you can "break and place" or "only break" (specified in config.yml)
1. If you need give access to region for Builder team or any member from your staff, just add permissions on LuckPerms or PermissionsEx: wgrp.regionprotect
2. Who has the permissions star, I mean '*' in LuckPerms or PermissionsEx may will be given access to protected region by WGRP.
3. By default, all who is operators are not allowed access into the region.
[SPOILER="Commands and Permissions"]
- wgrp.command.wgrpbase - access to /wgrp command.
- wgrp.command.reload - access to /wgrp reload and /wgrp reloadmsg command to reload the configurations file.
- wgrp.command.spy - notifies the administrator about interacting with the protected region (BREAK or PLACE only now).
- wgrp.regionprotect - access to protected regions.
- wgrp.notify.admin - notifies the administrator when an attempt is made to use WG\WE(FAWE) commands in a protected region.
- wgrp.command.addregion - access to the command with the ability to add a region to the protected region.
- wgrp.command.removeregion - access to the command with the ability to remove the region from the protection.
/wgrp help - help on all commands.
/wgrp about - additional information, useful!
/wgrp reload - reload config.yml and language files.
/wgrp addregion [region] [world] - add a region to the configuration for protection.
/wgrp removeregion [region] [world] - delete a region from the configuration to remove protection.
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