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Apply "flag presets" to WorldGuard regions

This plugin requires WorldGuard, of course.

WorldGuardFlagger flagger command


I found myself setting the same flags over and over on different regions with WorldGuard.
So I made this plugin. This plugin allows you to set a bunch of region flags with one command.
There's also a command to clear all flags from a region.


  1. Download WorldGuardFlagger.jar
  2. Place it in your server's plugins folder
  3. Restart your server, or execute /reload

Use the same steps for updating this plugin. Unless the changelog tells you otherwise.

Updating to 3.0 ? Read this


The config.yml file will automatically be created in the plugins/WorldGuardFlagger folder.
It includes one default preset called supersafe.
When you add your own preset, use spaces instead of tabs to indent your code.

For example:

        pvp: deny
        tnt: deny
        fire-spread: deny
        creeper-explosion: deny
        enderman-grief: deny
        greeting: Welcome
        farewell: Farewell
        deny-spawn: Creeper,Enderman,Pig_Zombie

This website can be useful when you have errors in your config.yml file.


All commands can be executed in-game. But also from the console window.

/flagger reloadReload the configuration file
/flagger help
/flagger ?
Show command help
/flagger set <region> [world] <preset>Apply a flag preset to a WorldGuard region
/flagger clear <region> [world]Clear all flags from a WorldGuard region
/flagger presets [page]Show all presets that you're allowed to use
/flagger flags [page]Show all of WorldGuard's flags
/flagger flags <preset> [page]Show info of a preset


worldguardflagger.setApply any preset, to any region
worldguardflagger.set.<preset>Apply a certain preset, to any region
worldguardflagger.set.ownerApply any preset, to owned regions
worldguardflagger.set.owner.<preset>Apply a certain preset, to owned regions
worldguardflagger.set.memberApply any preset, to regions that you are member of
worldguardflagger.set.member.<preset>Apply a certain preset, to regions that you are member of
worldguardflagger.clearClear all flags of any region
worldguardflagger.clear.ownerClear all flags of owned regions
worldguardflagger.clear.memberClear all flags of regions that you are member of
worldguardflagger.presetsList presets
worldguardflagger.flagsList flags
worldguardflagger.reloadReload the configuration file


  • Version 3.0:
  • Version 2.0:
    • Added reload command
    • Allowing any of these phrases for StateFlags and BooleanFlags: true/false, allow/deny, yes/no, on/off
    • No bugs found
  • Version 2.0 beta:
    • Commands available through console
    • Permissions per preset
    • Command revamp, now /flagger <help|set|clear|presets|flags>
    • Added world parameter to set/clear commands. Optional for players, mandatory for console.
    • Added help command
    • Added presets command
    • Flags command now also shows info about value types for each WorldGuard flag
    • Better feedback, when passing incorrect command arguments
    • Made lists and other chat look nicer.
    • Code cleanup and other things.
  • Version 1.2:
    • Using new Configuration system to support CB1317
    • Added support for Bukkit's permissions API, so plugins like PEX and PermissionsBukkit should work.
    • Added command /listflags [preset-name] [page-number]
    • Removed default preset 'myfirstpreset' from the generated config.yml
  • Version 1.1:
    • Added seperate permission nodes for owner and member.
    • Code cleanup and less chat spam.
  • Version 1.0:
    • First release.


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