WorldGuard 6.2 (MC 1.8 - 1.11)


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    Nov 28, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9
  • 1.8



Due to changes in Spigot libraries, if you used the LWC plugin, you will likely get an "UnsatisfiedLinkException" error when starting your server. This will prevent WorldGuard from working properly. It is highly recommended you update to the unofficial LWC build and remove your LWC "lib" folder.


If you used a third-party plugin that added custom flags to WorldGuard, it may stop working with 6.2. It is highly recommended you backup your region files. Although WorldGuard will attempt to preserve the flags, they will likely be non-functional. Now that WorldGuard natively supports a custom flags API, third-party plugins will have to update to the new API before they work again.

This version supports Minecraft 1.9 through 1.11, and will mostly function as far back as 1.7.

NEW DOCUMENTATION: There is new documentation.
Developers: There is a page on using the new custom flag API.

Changes in 6.2

  • Added 1.11 blocks.
  • Add config option to prevent teleport and spawn flags from being set outside of their region.
  • Added custom flags API.
  • Added custom session handler API.
  • Add transient property to regions for API.
  • Changed potion-splash flag to include throwing lingering potions.
  • Removed the construct flag. It has been deprecated for a very long time.
  • Fixed ender crystal protection.
  • Fixed some backwards compatibility issues.
  • Fixed mobs not igniting in regions due to Spigot changes.

Changes in 6.1.2

  • Added support for new blocks in 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10.
  • Added protection from nether portals being created in protected region (enable via config nether-portal-protection).
  • Added protection from slime block piston contraptions pushing into or pulling from regions.
  • Added chorus-fruit-teleport flag, works similar to enderpearl to prevent teleportation.
  • Added protection from pulling armor stands, items, and entities from protected regions.
  • Changed order of greeting and farewell flags on adjacent regions. When leaving a region with a farewell flag and entering one with a greeting flag, the farewell message will be shown first now.
  • Changed /heal command to also fill food/saturation meters.
  • Changed fall damage prevention to also prevent flying into walls with elytra being fatal.
  • Fixed fire-spread flag only preventing destruction, now prevents spreading too as per its name.
  • Fixed creepers targeting players being able to blow things up in certain cases.
  • Fixed armor stands being removed by /stoplag.
  • Fixed some issues with fireballs being able to explode when ghast-fireball was set to deny.
  • Fixed a lot of other minor issues.

Changes in 6.1

  • Added exit-via-teleport flag (default allow) to control exiting an exit=deny region via teleportation.
  • Added a fall-damage flag to control player damage caused by falling.
  • Added a time-lock flag to lock players' time of day. Valid values are from 0 to 24000 for absolute time, or +- any number for relative time.
  • Added a weather-lock flag to lock players' weather. Valid values are "clear" or "downfall". Unset to restore to normal world weather.
  • Added -s to the event debugging commands to show a stack trace rather than attempt to detect the causing plugin.
  • Added support for using the -e argument (sets an empty value for the flag) in the flag set command when the type of flag is of the 'set' type.
  • Added NPCs from the Citizens plugin to a whitelist so they are not protected.
  • Added support for Spigot's BlockExplodeEvent.
  • Changed tripwire to fall under the use flag.
  • Changed enderchests to fall under the use flag.
  • Changed vehicles and animals so they are not included in the interact flag.
  • Changed the display of custom blacklist messages to no longer include a period at the end.
  • Changed protection logic to consider connected chests.
  • Changed the heal and feed flags to increase values for players who are invincible (or in creative mode) but not decrease them.
  • Changed PvP protection to consider both attacker and defender locations.
  • Fixed missing protection data for some 1.8-added blocks.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with MC 1.7.
  • Fixed inverted daylight detectors not being protected.
  • Fixed spawn eggs not being included in protection.
  • Fixed piston blocking not working due to a bug in Spigot.
  • Fixed the blocking of certain invalid entity damage events.
  • Fixed creeper explosions not being blocked in certain situations with explosion related flags set.
  • Fixed "stickiness" with some position-related flags, sometimes resulting in rubber banding in the exit flags.
  • Fixed armor stands so that they are treated more like item frames than mobs.
  • Fixed blocks (e.g. sugar canes) adjacent to physics blocks (e.g. sand) not updating.
  • Fixed a NullPointerException that occurred sometimes when generating the scheduler section of the report function (/wg report).
  • Fixed the "no XP drops" configuration not functioning following a previous release.
  • Fixed changes to region ownership sometimes not triggering a region database save.
  • Fixed bucket protection displaying the "deny effect" even if bucket use was not prevented.
  • Fixed CommandFilter matching emoticons and other unwanted characters.
  • Fixed an exception occurring sometimes during game mode changes.
  • Fixed primed TNT being checked twice for TNT flags.

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  • WorldEdit should be updated to version 6.1 or newer.