WorldGuard 5.9 (JAR only)


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    Feb 28, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4
  • 1.7.2
  • 1.6.4


Changes in v5.9:

  • Added a config option to allow explosion flags to only prevent block damage
  • Added allow-tamed-spawns setting, on by default. This will stop WorldGuard from culling tamed animals.
  • Added config option and flag to prevent soil from drying naturally.
  • Added formatting codes, &k/l/m/n/o and &x (reset).
  • Added snow-fall-blocks option to config to restrict snow fall to certain blocks
  • Allow players to add newlines (\n) via command, not just manually in yml.
  • Allow the console to load/save all region managers with one command.
  • Changed entity report format slightly.
  • Check bypass perms for item-drop flag.
  • Check for entities and projectiles removing items from frames too.
  • Fix being able to use bonemeal to turn tall grass into double plants.
  • Fix number of arguments for migratedb command.
  • Fixed addowner/addmember commands adding command artifacts. Specifically, "-w <world>" will no longer be added when using it.
  • Fixed milking cows in protected areas due to changes in Bukkit.
  • Fixed ProtectedCuboidRegion::getPoints() returning points in wrong order.
  • Fixed snowman trails being treated as snow fall.
  • Make /rg list default to own regions if the player doesn't have permission otherwise.
  • Protected items in item frames in protected regions.
  • Resolved an issue where explosions of type OTHER_EXPLOSION were ignoring the world configuration settings.
  • Send item-use blacklist event when right-clicking entities.
  • Transformed the BlockFadeEvent handler into a switch.

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  • WorldEdit should be updated to version 5.6 or newer.