WorldGuard 5.6.3 (JAR only)


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    Nov 5, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.2-R0.2
  • CB 1.3.2-R3.0
  • CB 1.2.5-R5.0


  • Added helper WGBukkit class to get references to WorldGuard from other plugins.
  • Added physics.vine-like-rope-ladders to make ladders work like vines. As long as the top ladder block is present, ladder blocks will hold even if they have no block behind them, like a rope ladder.
  • Fixed NullPointerException in PlayerInteractEvent caused by potion blocking.
  • Fixed mobs.block-{item-frame,painting}-destroy not working.

Thank you to def for testing the above fixes and features.

Quote from the WorldGuard team:

Changes from 5.6.1 and 5.6.2:

  • Added a mycelium-spread region flag.
  • Added a dynamics.disable-mycelium-spread configuration setting.
  • Added new gameplay.block-potions option. For example:
        block-potions: [invisibility, speed]
  • Fixed a bug in the entity explosion event handler that caused a NullPointerException.

Changes from 5.6:

  • Added official support for Minecraft 1.4. Support for 1.3.2 (and below) is still provided in this release.
  • Added support for new and existing explosion types.
  • Added support for blocking withers with the following settings:
            block-wither-explosions: false
            block-wither-block-damage: false
            block-wither-skull-explosions: false
            block-wither-skull-block-damage: true
  • Added support for blocking item frames (and their use) in protected regions.
  • Added item frame destruction region flags (if you wish to disable item frame destruction completely).
  • (Re-)added support for priority R-tree region indexes. This means quicker region lookup, and better support for servers with thousands of regions.
  • Improved /region info output for -g group flags.
  • Allowed removing of -g group flags with /region flag.
  • Allowed /region flag to set group and value at once.
  • Deleting a region flag now also deletes group flag.
  • Fixed detection of attack by projectiles to be more accurate.
  • Fixed support for saving non-string flags in the MySQL region support.
  • Fixed spurious comma in "Flags:" /region info output.
  • Fixed players who are not in god mode not receiving damage in PVP areas from enderpearls.
  • Players will now be told that they are in a no-PvP area if they are in one and attempting to attack someone, or that the player they are attacking is in a no-PvP area, if that is the case instead.
  • Fixed an issue where region.getId() was lowercase'd each pass of a for loop in MySQLDatabase.updatePoly2dPoints().
  • Fixed mob damage from projectiles not being properly blocked in regions whereapplicable.
  • Changed default region wand to leather (#334).

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