WorldGuard 5.5.2 (jar only)


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    Apr 10, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.0
  • 1.2.5
  • CB 1.2.4-R1.0


If you find WorldGuard useful, you can:

Thanks to narthollis for his contributions in this version.

  • Added potion-splash flag to block splash potions
  • Add entity-painting-destroy which can be used to prevent entities from destroying paintings (skeletons firing arrows)
  • Added send-chat and receive-chat flags
  • Fixed having regions in multiple worlds with the same name not working with MySQL
  • A cancellable event is now fired if WorldGuard disallows PvP. (for developers!)
  • Made /region setparent check worldguard.region.setparent.own/member.<parent> instead of worldguard.region.setparent.own/member.<child>.
  • Allowed passing #<index> in place of a region ID, where <index> is the index as displayed by /region list.
  • Fixed an error that occured when clearing a non-existant region's parent.
  • Added a -s flag to /region teleport, which sends you to the spawn point instead of the teleport point of a region.
  • Added region/role-based permissions to /region teleport.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Added a LocationFlag class and made the teleport and spawn flags use it.
  • /region info -s now selects the region being queried.
  • Added /region teleport <id>.
  • Vector flags can now be set to the current location with the value "here" and to a specific position with x,y,z.
  • Made /region info show the region you're in if you don't specify an id explicitly.
  • Prevent block ignition from lightning strikes if lightning is blocked in region. Fixes #1175
  • Correctly check both WEPIF and superperms in WorldGurdPlugin.broadcastNotification()
  • Destroy fire blocks when fire-spread is disallowed
  • Added a construct flag that can be used to restrict block placing/destroying in zones to certain roles.
  • Added FallingSand to list of intensive entities to be removed with /halt-activiy.
  • Replaced all usage of CreatureType by EntityType.
  • Updated to support Bukkit 1.2-R0.3 and newer
  • Made auto-god-mode disabled by default again.
  • Added sign protection check disable.
  • Cleaned up javadoc, deprecated duplicate methods, other cleanup
  • Added a RegionGroupFlag to evey region flag Using the /region flag command with -g, the region group that the region flag applies to can be set.

Warning: You need to update WorldEdit to version 5.1 or newer.