WorldGuard 5.3


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    Oct 1, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1185


Thanks to the following people for their contributions in this version: wizjany, zml2008, imjake9, Droolio, epuidokas, EduardBaer, TomyLobo, and halvors

  • Added new config options and flags to better handle explosions of all types
  • Added config options and flags for snow, ice, mushroom spread, grass spread, and leaf decay
  • Added min and max health flags to clamp the values for the existing healing flags
  • Added hunger flags similar to the existing healing flags
  • Added an option to disable the use of the move event. This can boost performance on large servers but will disable the greeting/farewell and entry/exit flags
  • Added flag to prevent pistons (including those that are outside the region, but would affect blocks inside the region)
  • Added a /wg flushstates [player] command to free players stuck in a region that was exit-deny but no longer exists or the flag was removed
  • Added a config option to disable xp orb dropping
  • Added config option to disable redstone wire obsidian generators
  • Added a vehicle-destroy flag
  • Added enderman protection config and flag
  • Allowed and blocked command flags will now fall back to the global region
  • The worldguard.region.flag.own/member permissions are now worldguard.region.flag.regions.own/member! Please change your permissions accordingly.
  • Made //stack respect max stack sizes unless the player has the worldguard.stack.illegitimate permission
  • Setting invincibility flag to deny will override god mode unless the player has worldguard.god.override-regions
  • The sleep flag will now prevent beds in the nether from exploding if set to deny.
  • Existing regions can no longer be accidentally overwritten. Use /region redefine to move an existing region.
  • The info command will now sort players alphabetically.
  • Priming TNT by punching it with flint and steal should throw a blacklist event (consistent with old Minecraft versions)
  • The /stoplag command will now remove xp orbs
  • Permissions system will use per-world permissions if the provider supports it
  • Players in vehicles are now subject to entry/exit and greeting/farewell flags
  • Fixed interact blacklist event not logging correctly
  • Fixed heal flag taking effect half a block northeast of the region
  • Fixed a infinite sign dropping bug
  • Fixed players being able to douse fire by punching it in regions they couldn't build it
  • Fixed players being able to eat protected cake
  • Fence gate usage can be blocked with the use flag
  • Fixed chests being unprotected when they should be in 1.8
  • Fixed weather config settings not applying when a world was loaded
  • Fixed explosion handling in certain cases
  • Fixed arrows working in non-pvp zones
  • Fixed buckets working on the border of protected regions in certain cases

Warning: You need to update WorldEdit to version 4.7.