WorldGuard 7.0.4 (superceded)


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    Sep 26, 2020
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.16


* Add support for MC 1.16. Dropped support for previous versions.
* Add respawn-anchors flag mirroring the sleep flag (e.g. to prevent using respawn anchors to cause explosions in the overworld)

* Add nether vines to vine-growth flag.
* Add config option to disable the bypass permission cache.
* Fix water-flow flags not checking waterlogged blocks.
* Add config option to consider non-player causes (e.g. pistons, flowing water) to only be members of the highest priority region. This should be enabled for plots-within-city-like setups to prevent things in plots from modifying the city.
* Fix items dropping from falling blocks that were suppressed by other plugins.
* Add config option to block turtle egg trampling.
* Fix ride flag being checked on striders that didn't have saddles.
* Add config option to have /rg bypass toggled off on login.
* Developer changes: Methods taking names in Domains are now explicitly deprecated (was previously just a javadoc comment.); These will eventually be removed: there is no reason to use names over UUIDs. Offline players and NPCs alike have stable UUIDs.

 * Also for developers; The new class has some useful static methods to convert to and from WorldEdit's Region and WorldGuard's ProtectedRegion classes.


* See the 7.0.3 changelog for more details, as many changes have happened since 7.0.2.