WorldGuard 7.0.3 (MC 1.14.4 - 1.15.2)


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    Jun 25, 2020
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.15
  • 1.14



This version is compatible with:

  • CraftBukkit/Spigot for 1.14.4 or 1.15.2 (Paper recommended)

* This is the last release supporting MC 1.14 and 1.15.
* Decouple chest-access flag from interact flag. IMPORTANT: If you relied on allowing players to access chests via setting
the interact flag to allow, you will now need to set the chest-access flag to allow instead (or as well). This does not
affect any setups where users were *not* supposed to be able to access chests and other inventories.
* Add natural-health-regen and natural-hunger-drain flags. Unlike the heal/feed flags, these can not restore or deplete health/hunger.
* Fix the interact flag allowing breaking of turtle eggs (now tied directly to block-trampling flag).
* Fix a memory leak that could occur with many many explosives.
* Add regions.titles-always-use-default-times config option. Set this to true if you use greeting/farewell titles and another plugin
makes the titles disappear too quickly.
* Add protection for cauldrons water level changing.
* Improve diagnostic hints and information, such as spawn protection warnings, flag colors in region info, etc.
* Fix waterlogged blocks bypassing water-flow flag.
* Workaround for a CraftBukkit change that made no-physics-sand/gravel non-functional.
* Workaround for CraftBukkit throttling move events.
* Track projectiles shot by dispensers.
* Allowed setting passthrough allow on global to unprotect it if members/owners are added.
* Add support for newer forge clients (FML2) in host keys.
* Allow using WorldEdit's `//world <worldname>` command to select a world for region commands. This removes the need to
use `-w <worldname>` in every command when running commands from console.
* Add a teleport-message flag, shown when using `/rg tp`.
* Add coral-fade flag, which prevents corals from drying when out of water.
* Fix spammy deny-message when walking over redstone ore with certain flag setups.
* Improve handling of interacting with various tools in hand that didn't modify blocks. (eg opening a chest with an axe in hand)
* Fix allow-all-interact option not being read from per-world configs.
* Fix misattribution of pets (eg wolves) in PvP.
* Improve performance of hopper checks when on recent builds of Paper.
* Add event-handling.break-hoppers-on-denied-move config option to prevent hoppers from being broken (but items still won't be moved).
* Note to developers using the WorldGuard API: If you specifically relied on flags such as greeting/farewell, deny-message, etc being
StringFlags, be warned that this will change in a future version to support JSON text components. Please plan accordingly.