WorldGuard Region Events


WorldGuard Region Events allows modders to trigger function if a player enters or leaves a region. It adds four events that you can use to trigger your functions: RegionEnterEvent, RegionEnteredEvent, RegionLeaveEvent and RegionLeftEvent. They can be used just as any other Bukkit event (for more information look here .)

The RegionEnteredEvent and RegionLeftEvent are triggered a short time after a player entered/left a region so you cannot cancel them, but use the to check the flags of the regions the player is in.

The JavaDoc of WGRegionEvents can be found here.


If you don't want to create a plugin ignore this

To send a player a text whenever he enters a region:


public void onRegionEnter(RegionEnterEvent e)
  e.getPlayer().sendMessage("You just entered " + e.getRegion().getId());

Or to quit players from escaping from jail:

public void onRegionLeave(RegionLeaveEvent e)
  if (e.getRegion().getId().equals("jail") && e.isCancellable()) // you cannot cancel the event if the player left the region because he died
    e.getPlayer().sendMessage("You cannot leave the jail!");


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