WorldGuard Block Restricter


WorldGuard Block Restricter adds two (six) flags to WorldGuard regions:

  • deny-blocks: a list of blocks that are not allowed to be placed or destroyed in this region
  • allow-blocks: a list of blocks that are allowed to be placed and destroyed (overwrites deny-blocks)
  • from 2.0 on these flags will be available too:
    • deny-place: only deny placing the specified blocks, but not breaking them
    • allow-place: overwrite blocks specified by "deny-place"
    • deny-break: only deny breaking the specified blocks, but not placing them
    • allow-break: overwrite blocks specified by "deny-break"

It requires WorldGuard Custom Flags.


Simply use these flag as any other WorldGuard flag:

/region flag restriction deny-blocks obsidian, cobblestone

You can also use "any" to block any block placement/destruction. This is usefull for whitelisting, because allow-blocks will overwrite this.

/region flag only-dirt deny-blocks any
/region flag only-dirt allow-blocks dirt

From version 1.7 on you can also use block/item ids.

Click here for some other plugins using WorldGuard Custom Flags.


  • wgblockrestricter.ignore:
    • allows players to ignore block restrictions

Problems ?

If you have problems with this plugin read the F.A.Q.. If this did not help you, you can receive help here.


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