WorldEdit 5.6 (JAR only)


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    Feb 28, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4
  • 1.7.2
  • 1.6.4



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Changes in v5.6:

  • Update for Minecraft 1.7
  • Added //forest that generates a forest in a selection.
  • Added -s flag to //paste to select the pasted area.
  • Added //line command and EditSession method.
  • Added //curve.
  • Added 1.7 blocks, biomes, trees, and items.
  • Added a "hand" pseudo block type that uses the currently selected block.
  • Added a "pos1" pseudo block type, which uses the block type from the "primary position".
  • Added a //generatebiome command, which uses formulae to generate free-form biomes.
  • Added a check for both superperms and PEX directly to support older versions of PEX with inGroup.
  • Added a SolidBlockMask (#solid).
  • Added an item->block mapping for LocalPlayer.getBlockInHand().
  • Added colors for stained clay and carpet data values.
  • Added configuration option to set the default for the /up and /ceil commands.
  • Added data value mappings for certain blocks and made all other block types wildcard matches.
  • Added fly mode support for /up and /ceil,
  • Added hollow lines.
  • Added Line thickness support.
  • Added new log/leaves to floating tree remover tool.
  • Added non-cuboid support for //walls and //outline.
  • Added query{,Abs,Rel}(x,y,z,typevar,datavar) to the expression parser.
  • Added support for rotating hay blocks like logs.
  • Added usage of non-existent variables in all LValue expressions.
  • Changed /up and /ceil command to use glass block by default. Flight can be done via -f flag now.
  • Removed the /fill command as an alias of /material (which sets the brush material).
  • Fixed //deform not doing anything at all.
  • Fixed //walls on non-cuboid regions so that they no longer introduces gaps in walls beyond 45 degrees.
  • Fixed /ascend and /descend to use the height of blocks properly.
  • Fixed /green command so that it no longer affects permadirt and podzol.
  • Fixed bed rotation.
  • Fixed door rotation and disabled door y flipping.
  • Fixed forest generator to make trees under snow tiles.
  • Fixed head rotation.
  • Fixed lever rotation.
  • Fixed not flipping the center plane blocks.
  • Fixed snapshot restore now so it now obeys masks again.
  • Fixed some attachments that would result in items being dropped.
  • Fixed the query functions not comparing data values at all for their return values.
  • Fixed improper block probability patterns (i.e. 20%,10%grass) causing an error.
  • Fixed /we help not finding commands if uppercase names are used.

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  • When possible, update to the latest version of CraftBukkit.
  • If you use WorldGuard, be sure to update that too.