WorldEdit 5.3 (jar only)


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    Mar 31, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.4-R1.0
  • CB 1.2.3-R0.2


If you find WorldEdit useful, you can:

This version features official support for Minecraft up to version 1.2.

  • Made #region mask keep the region selected when the mask was added, and added #dregion mask that always uses the player's current
  • Allow inverted and under/overlay masks to affect masks, making them more flexible. This allows for things like /gmask !$biome and
    /gmask >>>#region
  • Added basic entity handling with copy and paste. Paintings do not currently respawn properly, entity pastes cannot be undone yet, and
    schematics do not yet store entities
  • Added getChunkCubes() to Region to get 16^3 chunks a region overlaps with
  • Cleaned up ContainerBlock inventory reading from NBT.
  • Added a command to list schematics and the abilitiy to autodetect schematic format when loading schematics
  • Added support for multiple schematic formats
  • Corrected flag checks for biome commands
  • Added allFlags setting to Command to prevent it from restricting allowed flags (for dveleopers!)
  • Make sure all WorldEdit files are in the plugins/WorldEdit folder
  • Added initial support for plugin channels with WECUI
  • Remove error-prone redundancy in Polygonal2D min/max management
  • Updated for SpoutVanilla changes
  • Added Falling sand/gravel entities to /remove command
  • Added support for new tree types to TreeGenerator and make adding more tree types later easier
  • Updated for changes to SpoutAPI
  • Fixed FloatingTreeRemover (/tool deltree) to work correctly with jungle trees
  • Fix bPermissions instanlled check
  • Add a -f (friendly) flag to butcher which applies -a, -n, -p, and -g, and a -g flag which allows butchering of iron and snow golems
  • Add FlatRegion interface and an associated iterator (for developers!)
  • Fix a NPE with brush using a global mask and no brush mask
  • Fixed //shift not updating polygonal regions properly.
  • Add support for expand with reverse dir for Cylinder & Ellipsoid
  • Make inset/outset use varargs contract/expand, so they can be used with cylinders and ellipses.
  • Add positive() to Vector and Vector2D
  • In WorldGuard, teleport/spawn location yaw/pitch should now work.
  • Register command permissions, integrate with the Bukkit help API
  • Allow annotation-free registering of commands with other plugins (for developers!)
  • Added default radius setting for butcher and added permissions for killing pets, npcs, and non hostile animals.
  • Added support for new Anvil saving format, fixed old chunk saving format.
  • Clean up some stray 128 values and update the fallbacks to 256
  • Add support for 1.2.4 and newer
  • Updated for new 1.2 and 1.2.4 blocks, items, and mobs
  • Fix Dispensers, Furnaces and remove redundant casts.
  • Fix restoring enchantments from snapshots/schematics.
  • Made tree planter tool try 10 times to make the tree before giving up.

Thanks to Nidan, aumgn, Jadedwolf, wizjany, SpectralEdge, md_5, and desht for their contributions