WorldEdit 5.1


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    Jan 16, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.0.1-R1
  • 1.0.0


This version features official support for Minecraft up to version 1.1.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions to this version of WorldEdit: rjwboys, yetanotherx, and GiCodeWarrior

  • Added a //help command (alias /we help).
  • Fixed a NullPointerException in conjunction with CraftBook.
  • Added support for console commands to WorldEditPlugin.
  • Made /butcher, /searchitem (and /search) and /worldedit (and /we) work on the console.
  • Fixed //stack -s (again).
  • Added a thickness parameter to //hollow.
  • Added a block/pattern parameter to //hollow.
  • Added a -l flag to /butcher, which spawns fake lightning on all killed entities.
  • Added support for dynamic command registration.
  • //sel poly now keeps the previous selection, converting its outline into a polygon if necessary.
  • Fixed //sel selection clearing not being dispatched to CUI.
  • Improve zip file recognition.
  • Added WECUI protocol version support. Eventually, this will disable WECUI until the user updates, but not yet.
  • Added //desel and //deselect as aliases for //sel
  • Added a gravity brush.
  • Added support for ellipsoid and sphere selections.
  • Add cuiVersion to LocalSession and set it via incoming CUI event Refactor region selectors to handle legacy versions a bit better. Because chat doesn't allow the section sign to be sent, I have to send non-color codes. Meh. closes #158
  • Some region selection fixes
  • Removed redundant line from
  • Add a cylindrical region selector.
  • Added initial SpoutAPI compatibility
  • Allow copying item stacks with damage of > Byte.MAX_VALUE. Closes #972
  • Improved output of YAMLProcessor and added support for root-level comments. (for developers!)
  • Removed support for Permissions2/3
  • Performance improvements
  • 1.1 compatibility