WorldEdit 5.0


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    Dec 12, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.0.1-R1
  • 1.0.0


This version features official support for Minecraft up to version 1.0.1.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions to this wersion of WorldEdit: KenanY, Megalin, wizjany and ZachBora

  • Added a //g[en[erate]] command that can generate a shape given a formula
  • Added a //deform command that deforms the current selection given a formula
  • Added a //hollow command, which hollows out the object contained in the selection.

  • Added /snapshot sel, which preselects a snapshot for future operations

  • Added //sel extend, which activates cuboid selector where you can extend selections by right-clicking.
  • Added -a and -n flags to //butcher to kill animals and NPCs, respectively
  • Added support for stretched cylinders to //cyl and //hcyl (use //cyl x,z)
  • Added sound and particle effects for the super pickaxe
  • Added l[eft], r[ight], b[ack] and f[orward] to the commands that take a direction.
  • Added an expression parser (for developers!)
  • Added a YAML library (for developers!)
  • Added extended help to commands manager (for developers!)

  • Support for the new blocks/items/mobs that were added with Minecraft 1.0

  • Support for non-128 world heights
  • Block queues are now flushed based on attachment to other blocks. This should fix doors popping out.
  • Made blockbag (take blocks from inventory) system more consistent.
  • Made some commands' syntax error messages more elaborate and useful
  • Made /green break on liquids.
  • Improved interaction with permission plugins
  • Improved negated node support for Bukkit's permissions system
  • Changed the WEPIF interface (for developers!)

  • Fixed data value handling for fire, chest, reed and jukebox

  • Fixed config file generation on windows
  • Fixed some navigation wand (compass) quirks
  • Fixed the tree remover tool for large forests
  • Fixed //stack -s to actually shift the selection to the end of the stack
  • Bug fixes