WorldEdit 4.7


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    Oct 1, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1337
  • CB 1317
  • CB 1240


This version features official support for Minecraft up to version 1.8.1.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions for this version of WorldEdit: zml2008, wizjany, TomyLobo, Nichts, mrapple, jjkoletar, robinjam, jascotty2, Hretsam, Elizacat, masteroftime, x1337x, TLUL, Droolio, ZerothAngel, md-5, and t3hk0d3

  • Added support for all the new items and blocks
  • Added multiworld permissions support to WEPIF
  • Added superperms and native PEX support to WEPIF
  • Added /range command for brushes
  • Added multiworld snapshot support (check the new structure on the wiki!)
  • Added //naturalize command (makes stone/dirt/grass layers)
  • Added a //farwand tool, allows selecting pos1 and pos2 at a distance
  • Added a //lrbuild tool, allows "placing" and "destroying" blocks at a distance
  • Added /pyramid and /hpyramid generators
  • Added underlay and overlay masks
  • Added a /green command (adds a layer of grass on top of landscape)
  • Added polygon support to the WorldEdit CUI
  • Moved config permissions system and other WEPIF configuration to the wepif.yml file
  • Improved command logging to additionally log the position and region of the player
  • Added -n flag to //smooth (smooth only natural terrain)
  • Improved item/block name matching
  • //pos1 and //pos2 now accept an x,y,z arguement to select arbitrary coordinates
  • Non-integer (decimal) radii now work in cylinders, spheres, fill, drain, etc
  • Added -s flag to //chunk (select all chunks in current selection)
  • Block patterns now can be used in //replacenear, //walls, and //outline
  • Block damage values can be used in //replace and //replacenear
  • Added -p flag to flip, flipping the clipboard offset around the player
  • Allowed performing //undo from other player's sessions
  • Added ellipsoid support to //sphere and //hsphere (use //sphere x,y,z)
  • Entity /remove command can now remove "xp", for xp orbs
  • Using //set mobspawner is no longer case sensitive for mob type
  • The /deltree tool now deletes floating mushrooms as well
  • Added value flag support to the command system (for developers!)
  • Fixed superpickaxe dropping the wrong items sometimes
  • Fixed errors when manipulating note blocks
  • Fixed cylinders generating too short
  • Fixed inaccurate polygon edges
  • Fixed flipping of signs and doors
  • Fixed manipulating blocks in unloaded chunks

WorldEdit 4.7 fails to generate its default config on Windows. Either unzip config.yml from WorldEdit.jar or get a "Nightly build"