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    Aug 24, 2011
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- Updated for Minecraft 1.6.

- Added flood fill tool. Use /floodfill <block> <radius> and right click blocks
to flood fill them.

- Added //gmask to set a *GLOBAL* mask that affects nearly ALL operations.
 Now you can confine //sphere to a region or create //walls that do not

replace existing blocks.

- Added a region-based mask that confines changes to the current region
 (when the mask is set).

- Added support for combining masks, i.e. /mask #region rock,brick

- Added //fast mode, which allows the server to skip the dirtying of chunks.
 This means that you have to rejoin to see changes though, but most

operations are doubled in speed. This only applies to the Bukkit version
 at the moment.

- Changed the block type check to be implementation-dependent. The Bukkit
 plugin now checks Bukkit's Material.

- Added -p flag to //butcher to kill pet wolves. Thanks to wizjany.

- Added -s flag to //move and //stack to move the selection along with the
 blocks. Thanks to wizjany.

- Made CUI selection clear on disable (including Bukkit's /reload).
 Thanks to wizjany.

- Added "deltree" tool for removing floating trees. Thanks to moo0.

- Added rotation support to redstone repeaters.

- Fixed //expand vert not updating client.

- Fixed the issue with log files not being closed on unload in Bukkit.
 Thanks to stoneLeaf.

- Fixed history size being 0 with old config files.