WorldEdit 7.1.0 (1.13.2 - 1.15.2)


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    Jan 26, 2020
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13


This version is compatible with:

  • Bukkit implementations for 1.13.2 - 1.15.2 (Paper recommended)

If you are using Minecraft Forge, get WorldEdit from here instead:

If you try to use WorldEdit on an unsupported version, WorldEdit will work, but you may be unable to properly copy/paste signs, chests, entities, and set biomes.


Changes since 7.0.1

  • Improve the expression parser by compiling expressions for performance

  • Made ItemMaterial accessible via the API

  • Added CommandSender adapters to the BukkitAdapter class

  • Added legacy data values to the info tool, and expressions

  • Improve messages when running the wrong WorldEdit version for the MC version

  • Fixed an issue where other plugins could send bad data to clients using the WorldEdit API

  • Significant memory optimisations. Many operations will now require less RAM.

  • Added WorldEdit-CLI, a tool to run headless WorldEdit from the commandline (see

  • Allowed most WorldEdit commands to be run from the console

  • Added //world, to override the world in which WorldEdit is operating (useful for console)

  • Added support for WorldEdit in CommandBlocks (on Spigot/Paper). Double slash commands require using /worldedit:/set due to a Minecraft bug.

  • Fixed the inbuilt pastebin service

  • Added 1.15 support

  • Re-add the /tool command, and deprecate old top-level tool commands

  • Add /brush none as a shortcut to unbind the brush

  • Add //watchdog, to make WorldEdit keep the server running during edits.

  • Remove FabricAPI requirement of WorldEdit-Fabric

  • Fixed //stack with diagonals

  • Rewrite the expression parser with ANTLR for a grammar and easier changes in the future

  • Fixed pumpkin patches having decaying leaves

  • Fixed /lrbuild not obeying history

  • Added -n flag to //paste to select without pasting

  • Fixed flipping of chests and stairs

  • Improve performance of some API methods on Bukkit by bypassing the Bukkit API

  • Fixed legacy import of some blocks Mojang renamed

  • Added convex polyhedron support to //line

  • Fixed /worldedit: commands on Bukkit

  • Added support for translations

  • Fixed //regen on 1.14+

  • Add a experimental new snapshot API / handling, more consistent for various file types. Test it out by switching on `snapshots.experimental`/`snapshots-experimental` in your config file. This will become the default in WE 8.

  • Fixed setting navwand and selwand to none via command not persisting

For more information about what's new in WorldEdit 7.1, see here!

Known Issues

  • Old versions of CoreProtect and PlotSquared break WorldEdit, make sure to update

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