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1.9 Compatibility

The latest download is not compatible with Minecraft/Bukkit/Spigot version 1.9 yet and I'm not sure if I want to continue development of the plugin. ZathrusWriter made an unofficial update of the plugin that seems to work fine (although I haven't tested it). You can find the download for that here.


WorldEditSelectionVisualizer (WESV) is essentially the famous WorldEditCUI mod in the form of a bukkit plugin, which means that players don't need to install anything on their client.


  • Spawns particles around WorldEdit selections so players can see them
  • No client mod required
  • Supports cuboid, sphere, ellipsoid, cylinder and polygon selections
  • Use /wesv to toggle the visualizer
  • Only show the selection when holding the selection item
  • Configurable particle effect
  • Force large particle distances to see your selection from far away (requires ProtocolLib)
  • Prevent players from spawning too many particles when selecting huge regions
  • Highly customizable for the performance of your server


Detailed documentation about the available permissions and configuration options is available on the documentation page.


This plugin has optional support for ProtocolLib (Jenkins build #74+). If you want to see particles from distances > 16, you need to have it installed and enabled in the configuration (see Documentation).


Cuboid selection Polygon selection Ellipsoid selection Customizable particle effect, large particle distance

Credits and Metrics

This plugin uses darkblade12's ParticleEffect library to spawn the particles. It also anonymously collects statistics via MCStats Plugin Metrics. You can read about the data that is being collected here. You can see the statistics here.


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