Image splitting utility can be found HERE. I do not take any responsibility for any damage done to your system and/or data. That being said it should be fairly safe to use. Wiki article on how to use it will be uploaded soon...

Latest update can be found here: WorldCreator-1.4. Includes pregenerated snow and ice for appropriate biomes and a fix so it works with java 1.6 again.

This plugin is a tool to allow artists and designers to create stunning terrain through the use of heightmaps and texture files. It works by loading data from various images to define the terrain.

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Image Types

The current version of WorldCreator uses 4 images

  • heightmap_<x>_<z>.png - This defines the height of the terrain, as well as optionally the water level.
  • blocks_<x>_<z>.png - This defines what blocks to make the terrain out of. For example you could define one area to be a desert, whilst another is a diamond topped mountain.
  • biomes_<x>_<z>.png - This defines the biome of an area. Currently supported biomes are:
    • FOREST
    • TAIGA
    • DESERT
    • OCEAN
    • JUNGLE
  • objects_<x>_<z>.png (as of V1.1) - This defines placed objects such as trees, mushrooms etc. More details can be found in This article

the <x> and <z> correspond to the x and z region coordinates the texture will affect. In diagram the coordinates would look something like so:

Z direction
    | 0_1   1_1
    | 0_0   1_0
    +---------------> X direction

Each axis goes from 0-511, then 512-1023 etc.

These images are placed in the data folder of the world you want to give the custom terrain. The world also requires the custom WorldCreator generator. Check out the Getting Started tutorial for a more in-depth tutorial on how to setup your worlds.



/wcr regen region - Rgenerates the region you're standing within. This command may take a long time to process so be patient. You may have to log in and out to see the changes.

/wcr regen chunk - Regenerates the chunk you're standing on. You may have to log in and out to see the changes.


/wcr config reload [world] - Reloads the configuration for the specified world. If you don't specify a world then the world you're standing in will be used.


Finally here's some examples of what this plugin is capable of: For more information please check out the Wiki



  • Fixed bug making the textureCache useless.
  • added config option for liquid type. This allows you to use lava or any other block for oceans.
  • Made the config a little more compact by grouping blocks using the format "<type>:<count>", e.g. "dirt:4" means 4 dirt.


  • Added object generation. Using another texture you can now generate trees, cactus, long grass, mushrooms and more.
  • Added some sample textures.


  • Entire world regen
  • Alternatives to generating void when no texture can be found
  • repeating textures


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