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Make sure you have Vault, WorldGuard (>6.0), and WorldEdit (>6.0) installed!

Description And Features

WorldClaim provides a chunk claiming system to players, and does this by hooking directly into WorldGuard.

  • Players claims chunks. They can claim successive contiguous chunks up until the configured limit is reached
  • Configurable price and amount for chunks
  • Configurable max number of chunks a player is allowed to purchase
  • All the actual claim protecting is done by WorldGuard, meaning my plugin has very low footprint.
  • Map of the area around you


Permissions Support (Vault)

WorldClaim uses Vault to hook into all of the following Permissions plugins:

  • Permissions 3
  • bPermissions
  • PEX
  • GroupManager
  • PermissionsBukkit
  • zPermissions

Vault is required for this plugin to work. Check out their page and download vault with the link below. Dev Page: Vault Dev Page

Perm Nodes And Commands

Perm NodeAssociated CommandDescription
/worldclaimThe little welcome message and version number displayed helpThe help menu that has all the commands
worldclaim.check/worldclaim checkWill check the chunk player is standing on for other claims or regions. Also visually shows the perimeter of the chunk.
worldclaim.claim/worldclaim claimCalculates price for claiming the current chunk player is standing on. Does not actually claim anything until player does confirm command
worldclaim.unclaim/worldclaim unclaimPrompts a player to "confirm" an unclaiming of a chunk mapMaps out the area around player for other regions and claims. This command is resource intensive, as such, a 5 minute cooldown is required between usage.
worldclaim.waitlistoverride/worldclaim mapOverrides the 5 minute cooldown
worldclaim.view/worldclaim viewSpawns a visual outline of a player's claim.
worldclaim.confirm/worldclaim confirmConfirms a previous command


example1 This picture was taken right after doing "/wc check" The visualization shows the outline of the chunk that the player is checking.
example2 Another picture of the visual outline
example3 The in game map that comes up with "/wc map". You can also see in chat my previous claim messages from doing "/wc claim"


Players are allowed a max number of chunks (set in config) on each world. The chunks must all be contiguous. All the chunks together represent one claim. As such, all chunks have to be unclaimed from one area is the player wishes to move his claim.

The variable price amount can be used to alter price based on how many chunks the player already has. The default is set to: 1st chunk = 10 diamonds 2nd chunk = 15 diamonds 3rd chunk = 25 diamonds 4th chunk = 40 diamonds This curve is quadratic. Not only did the amount of diamonds increase each time, but the amount of the amount of diamonds increased as well.

Any formula for chunk prices can be entered into the variables in config. It accepts all four basic arithmetic operators (plus, minus, miltiply, divide) and parenthesis. "x" will represent the chunk number that a player is buying.

You can get rid of all of that and just have a number if you'd like.


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Change Log

Version 2.0 (August 9th, 2014)

  • Release to Bukkit
  • Addition of /wc addmember [player]
  • Various changes to commands
  • Many bug fixes

Version 1.0 (July 31st, 2014)

  • Usage on my own server. Bug fixes.


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