Refuses to save progress #151

  • rdster created this issue Jan 24, 2020

    After the first time I ran a fill command...and let it go for a little made it up 3.8%, I restarted the server, and ran Fill again...and it started at 3.8% and made it to 12.5%.


    Then I restarted again....and it started over at 3.8% again.  Now every time I have to restart, it always starts back over at 3.8% and I can never gain any ground beyond that.


    I have set the fillautosave from 20 to 60 in attempts to save anything, but every time I have to start back over at 3.8%.


    Am I missing something?

  • rdster edited title Jan 24, 2020
  • Carbs posted a comment Jan 25, 2020

    I'm also having this issue it seems that when it tries to save it is causing an error. This is what the console is giving me:



     It also seems that no mater what I set the autosave value to once it gets to around 20% it causes the error.

    Edited Jan 25, 2020

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