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  • _ForgeUser11273179 created this issue Jun 1, 2013

    I can teleport from my main world (Call it: HQ) to my other world (Call it: World-1). But when I try to teleport from my main world to any other world (Call them: World-2, World-3, World-4).

    This is all that happens when I try to teleport (via signs) to any world besides World-1 or HQ: http://d.pr/i/DTb4


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  • timvisee posted a comment Jul 27, 2013


    Do you ahve the same issues when you remove the '-' from your world names? (Make sure you recreate your portals again when you rename worlds). Also, if this doesn't solve the problem, what happends if you teleport when you're in Survival GameMode (Not creative!).

    Btw, I'm currently fully rewriting world portal, all issues and strange behavour should be fixed by then :) I release this update as soon as possible.

    Tim Visée

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