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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


Update 1.4.0:
+ Separate saved inventories for each GameMode
+ Player inventories are now saved when they log off
+ Add some informational messages on startup
* Fix import bug from MultiVerse-Inventories; saved data in an incorrect format

Hotfix 1.3.1:
* Fixed typo in command help display
* Fixed crafted banners throwing an error

Update 1.3.0:
+ Default inventory loadout for each world group
+ New handling for banners, which correctly preserves patterns and colors
* Fixed error on start when 'data' directory is deleted

Update 1.2.1:
* Fixed bug where wrong gamemode was being applied

Update 1.2.1:
* Fixed option for saving gamemode not existing
* Fixed changes to config being lost on reload

Update 1.2.0:
* Rewrote ConfigManager. No visible changes to users.
* File 'default.json' will no longer be overwritten each startup

When updating to this version, your worlds.yml file will automatically be updated to the new format.

If the plugin is running, and you set 'separate-gamemode-inventories' to true in your config.yml you must restart the server. This is due to the fact that I only register that Listener if that option is set to true, and I have found no good way to see if a Listener is already registered or not.