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WordRank 3.0

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WordRank allows you to create 'words' that can redeemed for groups. It's great for getting new players to read your rules, simply hide the word in the rules that will, upon redemption, give the new player a new group that is allowed to leave the spawn area. This plugin was originally created thanks to someone with a great idea.


  • Create words that can be redeemed for player groups
  • Words can set or add groups
  • Words can be redeemed through chat or command
  • API with support for custom words that redeem things other than groups
  • Vault support, meaning this plugin supports 10 different permission plugins
  • Custom events
  • Metrics Support
  • Source code is freely available on GitHub
  • All commands (except redeem of course) can be used from the console
  • Support for English, Canadian English, French, German, and Spanish


You can view a full breakdown of the permissions here

  • WordRank.*: Grants all possible WordRank permissions
  • WordRank.add: Grants you the ability to add a new word /wr add
  • WordRank.remove: Grants you the ability to remove a word /wr remove
  • WordRank.removeall: Grants you the ability to remove all words at once /wr removeall
  • WordRank.say: Grants you the ability to redeem a word through chat and through command /wr redeem
  • WordRank.list: Grants you the ability to view a list of all the words /wr list
  • WordRank.info: Grants you the ability to view a summary of information about a word /wr info

You can test/view what you have permission for by typing /wr, any command that shows up you have permission to use

/wordrank can also be used instead of /wr


  • Vault
  • For redeeming words, you must have a permission plugin Vault supports. For checking permissions, this plugin uses bukkit's built-in permission system
  • Compatible Craftbukkit version (this can be viewed on the downloads page)

Todo List

In order by priority

API information coming soon, you can view the api yourself here


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