WoodCutter v1.4.10


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    Nov 25, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


2015-11-25 - v 1.4.10

  • Made the BlockBreakEvent handler ignore cancelled events, and use MONITOR priority. Without this, WoodCutter was bypassing protection plugins like WorldGuard and allowed players to chop down trees in regions.
  • Added support for the Unbreaking enchant. Calculating the damage to the player's axe should now properly account for the Unbreaking enchants.
  • Fixed tool not being broken. I noticed there was a fix for this before, but it did not seem to work for me. Setting the item stack's amount to 0 seemed to result in inventory de-sync for me. To fix this, I made it so the player's held item became null.
  • Added support for PRISM. We use PRISM for logging player events. By using its API, WoodCutter now manually queues a block-break event for each log it breaks.
  • Fixed diagonal columns not being checked. This fixes issues with jungle and large oak trees not properly having all their branches mined.
  • Made tree chopping safer by: - Enforcing a maximum of 150 chopped logs per tree - Chopping only logs of the same type of tree - Not chopping columns further than 5 blocks away of the origin

Big thanks to Roy Curtis for these changes.

2015-10-25 - v 1.4.9

Bug in Spigot caused durability to not break the axe, I solved this in my plugin though. So now, axes DO break at max durability again, as it should! :)

2015-05-16 - v 1.4.8

Added option to only allow WoodCuttin' when sneaking. Set "mustSneak" option to true to enable.

2014-11-30 - v 1.4.7

Syntax sugar'd source code and made permission default.

Old changes

2014-10-25 - v 1.4.6 Optimized code. Re-added damage.

2014-04-02 - v 1.4.5 Optimized code.

2014-04-02 - v 1.4.4 Fixed the surrounding trees bug.

2014-03-26 - v 1.4.3 Supports the new tree types.

2013-11-02 - v 1.4.2 Further code optimization. Added config.

2013-11-02 - v 1.4.1 Code optimization.

2013-11-02 - v 1.4 Updated to latest version of Minecraft. Code optimization.

2012-04-14 Added.