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Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

Wizardry Elite adds wizard types and spells to Minecraft. You can choose your wizard type and bind your spells to your staff.
Our currently planned classes and spells are:

Under Heavy Dev

Fire Wizard (fire resistance)
Fireball (shoots a fireball which sets the player on fire) [2]
Fire Snake (creates a snake of fire that explodes on impact giving fire and poison 2 for 2 sec) [10]
Phoenix (small explosion and player gains full health) [25]
Smoke (gives nausea upon contact) [12]
Fire Bomb(throws fire particles which explode and spread fire on impact) [4]

Nature Wizard
Tree Spawn (creates a tree where the player looks) [5]
Pig Geyser (shoots pigs into the air and damages the people the pigs hit with explosions) [30]
Turn to stone (gives them gray leather armor, a stone block on their head and slowness) [15]
Cure (heals effects and 6 damage) [10]
Vine Attack (Green particle beam) [2]

Storm Wizard
Lighting Strike (shoots a yellow particle beam and plays lightning sound) [2]
Tornado (throws player into the air) [7]
ThunderStorm (strikes anyone within 15 blocks with lightning) [25]
Rain (gives storm wizards absorption 3) [15]
Paralyze (small damage and slowness 3 for 1 sec) [5]

Dark Wizard (wither effect immunity)
Dark Effects (wither and blindness to everyone within 10 blocks) [20]
Summon the dead ( 10 zombies + 5 skeleton) [35]
Life Stealing (gives target poison 1 for 5 sec and player regen 1 for 5 sec) [8]
Wither Ray (shoots a particle beam that causes wither) [3]
Vanish (gives them invisibility for 7 seconds then spawns bats where they appear) [30]

Myth Wizard
Summon Dragon (summons Enderdragon that targets nearest player, explodes then despawns) [30]
Wither Skull (shoots wither skulls) [2]
Teleport (short distances) [12]
Dragon Beam (shoots gray particles that launch players into the air on impact) [8]
Rune spell (gives player strength 2, night vision and speed 1 for 10 seconds) [35]

Ice Wizard
Freeze (light blue firework and gives slowness 4; plays freezing sound) [8]
Snow ball blizzard (storm of snowballs in a 120 degree radius) [20]
Ice Spike (summons pillars of ice at persons feet [5]
Ice ball (throws an ice block at the player) [2]
Ice Age (Freezes everything within 15 blocks, poison III 4 sec) [35]

Common wizard
Hurt spell (damages target with a purple particle beam) [2]
Heal spell (heals 6 damage) [10]
Shield spell (Firework explosion on player guards them from damage) [4]
Sight spell (night vision) [3]
Throw spell (pushes everyone within 15 blocks away) [20]


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