Be the Wither!

WitherShot! Be the Wither!

What is it?

WitherShot is a simple, lightweight plugin designed to let you shoot wither skulls from your bow! If you've ever battled the Wither, you know how he shoots the wither skulls from his head – well, now you can become the Wither!

With a simple command, you can switch from using wither skulls to arrows to wither skulls to arrows! You can fire out the wither skulls on other players and deal damage and the wither poison effect to your enemies! This also makes a great donor command as well by using the simple permission system that is built into the plugin!



/ws enableEnables wither skull arrows
/ws disableDisables wither skull arrows
/ws resetResets everyone back to normal arrows


  • Adding in a cost per shot (One diamond per shot for players?)
  • Enable the wither bow for another player besides yourself

Leave me suggestions in a ticket by clicking HERE.


  • withershot.fire (Gives access to enable and disable WitherShot bow)
  • withershot.reset (Gives access to reset WitherShot for all players)

Known Bugs / Issues

No current bugs or issues! To report a bug or issue, please make a ticket HERE.


WitherShot was originally developed by jflory7.

This plugin is sponsored by CrystalCraftMC, a semi-vanilla Minecraft server. Click here to learn more.


All source code can be found published under the MIT License by clicking here.


WitherShot Stats

This plugin utilises Hidendra's Plugin Metrics system, which collects and sends information to mcstats.org, such as the server's version of Java, what version of the plugin is being used, what type of operating system my plugin is being used on, and more. This is also what powers the graph above! For more info, please click here.

Automatic Updating

This plugin utilizes the BukkitDev auto-updating API to help keep this plugin up-to-date automatically on your server. By having this enabled, every time your server starts up, it will check this BukkitDev page for any new updates, and if there is a new version available, it will install it and update it for you automatically.

This feature is enabled by default; however, if you do not wish to have it enabled, you can opt out by changing the "auto-update" to "false" in the config.yml. We recommend you keep it on so that you do not have to worry about updating the plugin in the future!

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