Control what players can spawn a Wither, what damage the Wither can do, and what worlds the Wither can be spawned in.. This plugin will prevent players without the proper permission node from creating a Wither by placing Soul Sand and Wither Skulls. You are also able to turn off block damage caused by WIther and more! This will not stop damage from the Wither when it is directed at a Player or Mob.

Download latest version here!

Main Features

  • Option to allow only certain players the ability to spawn a Wither (based on permissions)
  • Option to prevent block damage caused by Wither explosions and flight.
  • Option to prevent explosion damage caused by Wither
  • Option to prevent spawning of Wither completely.
  • Option to disable spawning of a Wither by worlds.
  • Customizable messages for when permission is denied.


/wither reloadReloads the config.yml taking into account any changes that have been made.


wither.createAllows the user to spawn a Wither using Soul Sand and Wither Skulls
wither.reloadAllows the user to reload the config.yml


When you first run Wither it will create a config folder and file. See the default config here and a brief explanation of each option.


  • Put Wither in your plugin folder
  • Start server to generate default config.yml
  • Use with default settings or customize to fit your needs.
  • If you make changes while your server is running use /wither reload to have the changes take effect immediately

Upcoming Features:

  • Option for completely disabling Wither spawning. Added in v1.3
  • Custom message defined in config. Added in v1.5
  • Option to completely disable Wither spawning in certain worlds. Added in v1.5
  • Prevent Wither from destroying paintings when shooting skulls. Added in v1.6
  • Add command to reload the config options in game. Added in v1.6
  • Add configurable damage multipliers for Wither and Wither Skulls.
  • Add special abilities for the Wither.
  • Feel free to make recommendations.


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