WirelessRedstone v2.1


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    Jun 24, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


Wireless Redstone 2.1

This build should fix the event exception (build 2.0), let us know if it work


  • + WorldEdit support, the plugin should automatically remove a sign from the config if the block was removed by WE

Know caveats: Transmitter is not turned off if it was powered by a redstone wire. Fixed in the next release.

Wireless Redstone 2.0

This is a big milestone for the plugin. There are many additions, and we still need to fill the documentation to explain how to use them. But as always, it will be easy to understand and to use and will bring you many many advantages.


  • + New type of receiver : THE CLOCK (see Signs)
  • + Brand new TELEPORTATION SYSTEM! Two ways to use it :
  • * You can use the new command /wr tp (see documentation - soon).
  • * You can also use the /wri command to get a list of transmitters/receivers/screens for a channel and teleport to them by simply clicking on them (yes it's dark magic).
  • + New admin command : /wr admin convert, which allows you to change the type of storage you want to use directly in game, withtout reloading.
  • + Other new admin command : /wr admin purge, which allows to check the database and purge it of non-existing signs and things that shouldn't be there.
  • + Backwards compatibility / Retrocompatibility with 1.7 and 1.8 at least.
  • + If there's a WR sign that is not registered in the config, right click on it and the plugin will register it.
  • + Putting [auto] on the second line will register an unused channel name for you (useful if you have a lot of channels).
  • + New metrics plotter to see the proportion of receiver types in the entire world.
  • + Right clicking on a screen will make it show detailed informations about the channel it is linked to.
  • + You can now use the majority of the commands from the console.
  • + You are now able to use a commandBlock to send the commands /wr activate and /wr lock Bugfixes

Fixed the transmitter not being powered when the signal comes from a detector rail.

  • /wra wipedata didn't work with the YAML storage.
  • The plugin sometimes crashed at launch with the YAML storage.
  • YAML storage didn't register the type of the signs in 1.9.6
  • And maybe some others, since we have modified a lot of code.

Have fun with WirelessRedstone 2.1!

Transmitter is not turned off if it was powered by a redstone wire