WirelessRedstone v1.9


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    Dec 12, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0


== WirelessRedstone Release 1.9 ==

WARNING This is the last version which is compatible with the java jre6. The next versions will work only with the jre7 because it allows me to do optimisations on the plugin.


Major add

There are now receiver types. Those are different kind of receivers that act differently when turned on. The default receiver will be as usual.

  • The receiver inverter. It's the same as the regular one, except that this on is off when the transmitters are active, and it's on when the transmitters are inactive.
  • The receiver delayer. It may have some bugs, but it works. The delayer will turn on/off only a specific time after the transmitter was activated/deactivated. This time is in ms, and is shown on the 4th line of the sign.
  • How to create a different type? The 3rd line of a WPoint is now useful. The default receiver will have a [default] on the 3rd line, the inverter an [inverter] tag, and the delayer a [delayer] tag. You can create a type with the command /wr receiver <channel> <type> (with type : "default","inverter","delayer") or directly create the sign with the tag on the third line (the tag i.e with the [ ] )
  • More types could follow in next versions.
Modifications on commands ===== :
  • The command /wr info <channel> can now show informations about the signs of a category. In example, if I write /wri channel t , I will get a list of transmitters, their locations, and if they are active or not. For the receivers, it'll also show their type.
  • New command /wr toggle <channel> <time> or also /wr activate <channel> <time>. It will toggle the channel for the chosen time in ms. Associated permission : wirelessredstone.commands.activate .
  • Commands /wrlist and /wrhelp now show an improved list. I fixed the list, when there was only one page,it didn't show :/
  • New command /wrversion Simply shows the version of the plugin. Associated permission : wirelessredstone.commands.version .
Modifications on signs =====:
  • Interacting (ie right-clicking) with a transmitter will simply toggle the channel for a short time.
  • The interaction time can be changed in the config. It defines how long the channel will be on after right-clicking on a transmitter.
  • You can't place a sign on leaves (yes before this update you could :) )
Code changelog ===== :
  • This is the last version supporting jre6
  • I started from scratch the part concerning the wireless points, and optimized it.
  • There's a global cache introduced in this version, but I didn't use entirely, wait for the next version, it will surely improve the performances.
  • Metrics are updated to R7, it allows me to see more statistics about the plugin.
  • I removed some messages in the debug mode, that could make your server crash because of too much messages.
  • New updater (credits in the code to the creator).

The commands /wrversion and the permission that goes with will not surely work, i'm sorry.