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This plugin will let you have a new way to power blocks with signs. With him you can power multiblocks any distance away from the sign, and you can implement simple codes to them like delay and pulse.


General Usage:

When you write the sign you will have:
1st line: [WireAll] - not case sensitive, will activate the plugin for that sing;
2nd line: name - (anything you want) this will create a link to the config.yml file, where you will have variables with strings. Each name there will have a code for the plugin.



Per example, inside the config.yml you can have:
names: (list of names, where each one refers to the respective code in codes list)
- name1
- name2
- name3
- name4
codes: (list of codes)
- 103,74,-208;105,76,-200 (refers to name1)
- -100:-102,70:72,83;-100:-102,70:72,86 (refers to name2)
- -100:-102,70:72,83d30;-100:-102,70:72,86d60 (refers to name3)
- -100:-102,70:72,83p30:20:10+;-100:-102,70:72,86p30:20:10- (refers to name4)


Usage example:

The names in the codes list are coordinates, so when you have a sign powered with redstone (at any side, up or down), per example like this:

1st line: [WireAll]
2nd line: name1

You will power two points in the space: Point x = 103, y = 74, z = -208 and point x= 105 y = 76, z = -200.
Its like a wireless redstone, but you don't need a receiver and he will power everything you want, even without redstone!


Properties of the code:

- The configuration can be set to work in a certain range like "name2", where he will power point x: -100, y: 70, z: 83 to x: -102, y: 72, z: 83, such as x: -100, y: 70, z: 86 to x: -102, y: 72, z: 86. With this, per example, you can make a trap with pistons or dispensers 3x3 in each side without wiring.

- Punctuation: "," will separate different axis; ";" will separate different coordinates; ":" will select a range of coordinates.

- The variable d: In the "name3" example have a d30 and a d60. Those d are delays and 3 and 6 are time (in ticks, 20 ticks equals 1 second). With this those points in the world will be activated after the sign is powered.

- The variable p: "name4" have p30:20:10(+/-). The p is for pulse, 30 is the time (in ticks) the power is off, 20 is the time he stays on, 10 is the number of pulses before he stops (set 0 to infinite) and + or - says if the pulse start on (+) or off (-).

- The variable i: This will invert the output at that point or range of points.

- Signs will activate others signs if they are in those coordinates, so be careful.

- Codes cant have spaces.

- Variables will only appear after the coordinate or range of coordinates.


Optional codes:

- The 3rd line examples:
nsweud - this will power all blocks relatives to the sign: north, south, west, east, up and down.
udes - this will power blocks: up, down, east and south relatives to the sign.
ws - this will power the west block and the south block.
n3u2 - this will power all 3 blocks north and the 2 blocks up relatives to the sign.
pw1u3s4d4 - the variable p will always appear first. p is for path, so he will power them in the sequence you writed.

- Attention: the 2nd line can be optional if you wanna use only the 3rd line. The second line will not have the properties of d delay, p pulse and others.

- The 4rd line examples:
n - will set the sign powered only when the north block is powered.
e - will set the sign powered only when the east block is powered.
(be careful, don't use this if you used this block in the 2nd or 3rd line of the sign)

- the 4rd line is Boolean algebra capable, so you can have: (e|s)&n



/wireall add <name> <code> - will add a name with a code.
/wireall del <name> - will remove the name.
/wireall see <name> - will display the code.
/wireall list - will display all names.
/wireall ed <name> <code> - same as add, but here you edit, replace the code.
aliase for /wireall: /wa (dont know if this will be compatible with others plugins)

ATTENTION: In order to use the plugin you need to create a name and a code first and place the sign after if you will use the 2nd line,

There isn't multiworld support, each sign will work in her world only, at least for now.



- release;
- put more variables in the code (need help to think);
- option to use the wand tool of WorldEdit to select the coordinates to use;


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