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How Can I Contribute to this project?

  1. Spread the word!
  2. Go to the beta testing server, play and report bugs here
  3. Record a YouTube video with gameplay or instructions
  4. Code (visit our GitHub repository)
  5. Donate (not yet)

Spread the word

We spent a lot of time and energy to make this plugin so if you like it please spread it around, talk about it on forums or ask your favorite servers to install it :)


An IP will be announced where you will be able to go and play. Report any bugs you encounter here.

Out of Beta

YouTube Video

Send videos to us that you recorded of our minigame and make tutorials on how to use the plugin. If the videos have good sound quality and proper narration they might be featured here.


We have a GitHub repository open to contrubutions BUT please DO NOT contribute any code if you are starting Java or have less than two years of experience. We need to go through contributions so please don't waste our time with bad coding or code that isn't properly annotated for easy understanding and implementing.

Currently the plugin is only updated by i3ick.


Possibility for donating might possibly be added.


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