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A Bukkit plugin that randomly puts wild animals in love mode, creating natural population increase.

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The config.yml file supports the following settings:

  • mateMode (false by default) pairs animals with a close pair and then sets both on love mode, guaranteeing reproduction in the case where there is an eligible pair close by.
  • maxMateDistance (4 by default) the maximum distance two animals can be apart in order for the plugin to pair them
  • interval (10 by default) the number between two WildSex runs, in minutes.
  • chance (0.1 by default) the possibility of a random animal being set on love mode. 0 disables the plugin and 1 sets every animal on love mode on every run.
  • maxAnimalsPerBlock (2 by default) how many animals should there be per one block? this is the maximum value where the population will plateau, effectively stopping reproduction
  • maxAnimalsCheckRadius (3 by default) for how many blocks around the individual animal should the above limitation hold? For example, if you specify 2 animals and a check radius of 3, the plugin will check to see that there aren't more than 18 ( = 2 * 3 * 3 ) animals in the 3x3 area around the animal.
  • autoUpdate (true by default) updates the plugin automatically whenever a new version is released. All versions will maintain backwards compatibility, so keeping this on is a good idea.
  • removeXP (true by default) whether or not the XP produced by the breeding of the animals should be removed automatically.

Supported Versions

All CraftBukkit & Spigot releases for: * 1.10.2 * 1.11 * 1.12

(Older versions have been dropped with WildSex 4. You can try earlier versions for support.)

Known Bugs

  • The XP removal successfully sets the XP drop to zero, but Minecraft still spawns XP orbs (which, when picked, give 0 XP)

To do

  • Improve density checking
  • Contact Spigot people on XP removal issue

Special thanks to


Available for you to fork on Github!


Released under the MIT License.

Feel free to download, edit and redistribute, but do not forget to give proper credit.


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